A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Connecting With Your Spirit Team

Sunday, November 7th @ 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm UK

(Only 17 places left!)

You are never alone.

At all times you’re surrounded by spirits, angels, elementals, spirit animals, Ascended Masters, gods and goddesses, and other benevolent entities ready to offer their support and guidance.

Some of them are with you throughout your life. Others come and go depending on what you’re asking for and going through.

Your guides’ purpose in working with you varies from helping you follow your purpose, manifest your desires, learn soul lessons, and navigate life on Earth in the easiest way possible.

There are innumerable types of spirit guides that support humans but the most common ones are:

  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Elementals
  • Ascended Masters
  • Departed Loved Ones
  • Spirit Animals
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Past-Life Friends
  • Star Spirits

The amount and types of guides you may have depend on many factors, such as: your soul realm, past-life contracts, degree of spiritual ascension, your ancestry, the life lessons you’re here to learn, and your personal desire to connect with the spirit world.

Meeting your guides for the first time is a sacred experience.

Although it may seem like they’re external forces, they’re really part of, and extensions of, you. Connecting with them feels like aligning with the purest, happiest and most awakened version of you.

Working with your guides on a daily basis can truly transform your life and ease your way to following and fulfilling your life purpose. That’s why I created Meet Your Guides: A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Connecting With Your Spirit Team.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Meet and Connect with All of Your Current Spirit Guides.

You’ll learn their names, how they look, and their purpose in working with you. You’ll also get the chance to invite new guides in your life, to support you in your future endeavours and purpose.

– 2 –

Get an Overview of Your Soul’s Journey of Ascension

The collective purpose of your spirit guides are to help you ascend on your soul’s path to ascension. In a guided meditation, you’ll find out where you are on your path, and receive guidance to moving forward.

– 3 –

Release the Fears and Blocks that Keep You Stuck

You’ll get to work with your spirit guides to remove the energy of fears and limiting beliefs from your energy field, that are hindering your journey to following your purpose and living a fulfilling life.

– 4 –

Receive Guidance to Living Your Best Life

By awakening your intuitive channels, you’ll get to receive specific guidance from your spirit guides, as to your next action steps to move forward with your life and purpose. 

– 5 –

Cleanse and Strengthen Your Energy

You’ll learn powerful, practical processes of working with your spirit guides to both clear and protect your energy, and go through a psychic clearing journey to raise your vibration.

Enroll for just £33 ($44) now, to meet your spirit guides, cleanse and strengthen your energy field, and receive specific guidance on following your life purpose.

“George has a real talent for breaking complex spiritual concepts down and providing practical tools that are easy to use in your day-to-day life.”

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author of Light is the New Black and Letters to a Starseed

“George Lizos is a true spiritual teacher. He comes from the heart and has ways of connecting with spirit that are as surprising as they are powerful. I truly believe you are lucky to have found him!”

Yasmin Boland

Bestselling author of Moonology

How it Will Work

In this live, 90-minutes online workshop you’ll learn practical processes and go through a meditation journey to meet, connect, and work with your entire spirit guides team. 

Here’s how it’ll all work:

  • We’ll meet in a private Zoom room on Sunday, November 7th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm UK.
  • We’ll dive into a 90-minute journey to meet your spirit guides and work with them for cleansing, guidance, and empowerment.
  • You’ll receive the replay the following day so you can do the workshop again in the future, to go even deeper.

There will be a replay if you miss it live. 

The benefits of connecting with your guides

The benefits of connecting with your guides are innumerable, but here are the most important ones.

Connecting with your guides will help you:

            • Never feel alone again, as you’ll always have spiritual friends who love and accept you for who you are
            • Receive instant guidance on questions and concerns you may have
            • Understand yourself on a deeper level
            • Get clear on what your life purpose is
            • Receive moment-by-moment guidance on following your purpose
            • Clear energy attack and shield your energy and aura
            • Enhance your intuition
            • Explore your past lives with ease

            Enroll for just £33 ($44) now, to meet your spirit guides, cleanse and strengthen your energy field, and receive specific guidance on following your life purpose.

            A Personal Invitation From George…

            When I was a depressed teenager with no friends or people who truly understood me, and still deep in the spiritual closet, my spirit guides were my only source of love and acceptance.

            I knew that no matter how lonely or challenging my day at school would be, I’d come home and hang out with my spirit friends. They’d comfort me, guide me, and eventually instil in me the courage I needed to follow my dreams.

            If it weren’t for my spirit guides, I’d still be that same timid kid, paralysed by fear and afraid to share my truth with the world.

            Your spirit guides are extensions of you, helping you turn on aspects of you that you previously denied, rejected, or were afraid to embrace.

            Connecting with them feels like aligning with the purest, happiest and most awakened version of you. 

            I’m excited to guide your through this workshop, so you can meet your spirit BFFs and experience their magic and guidance.

            I can’t wait to see you there, 

            George x





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