How I went from depressed people-pleaser to helping thousands of lightworkers to follow their purpose and create change in the world.

I wasn’t always the smiling, confident, positive person you see in my pictures. I never thought I could write a best-selling book, launch a popular spiritual podcast, create a healing modality, or lead a community of 30,000+ lightworkers.

Before I found my light and purpose I was a depressed and self-loathing people-pleaser with zero sense of self-confidence.

Unknowing of my purpose. 

Paralyzed by limiting beliefs.

Looking to others for guidance and acceptance.

With an insatiable urge to help make the world a better place but no clear pathway to make that happen.  


My Lightworker’s Journey

In the first memory I have of myself I’m sitting in a field of yellow daisies staring up at the sky and wondering: what is my life purpose?

I’ve always felt that I was here to fulfil a specific mission; something that’d help make the world a kinder, more loving and peaceful place.

Growing up in the small, conservative island of Cyprus, I didn’t exactly have the most supportive environment to explore my interest in spirituality and express myself fully. 

Instead, from a young age I was taught to hide my authenticity and be who others wanted me to be.  

It wasn’t until I realized I was gay at the age of 13 that my life would take an unexpected turn…

When darkness turns to light

Unable to accept my homosexuality I attempted to change myself from gay to straight. When my two-year attempt to do so failed I rendered myself a human abomination and decided to take my life…

Thankfully, in my darkest moment I saw the light. In that moment, I decided to stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations and learn to find all the love and acceptance that I needed, within me.

My Lightworker’s journey had begun.

I was ready and willing to heal myself and follow the purpose I’d abandoned in the daisy field years before, but I was stuck:

  • I had no idea what my life purpose was or how to find it.
  • I was afraid of sharing my true self with the world in fear of being judged and shamed by others.
  • I was held back by limiting beliefs and a crippling lack of self-confidence.

I didn’t give up.

Instead, I became obsessed with self-help and spirituality.

I ventured into a five-year journey of learning, healing and transformation.

During this time I studied various spiritual modalities, including meditation, psychic communication, manifestation, divination, and past-life regression.

At the age of 25, and having freed myself from my past, I reversed-engineered my healing journey and wrote my first book Be The Guru, guiding lightworkers to release dependence on others for happiness, support and wisdom, and find it within them.

Be The Guru is a step-by-step manual to find all the love, support, and wisdom you need within you. 

Based on the premise that you already are the guru, this book guides you to remember it, and gives you all the tools you need to reclaim it fully.

In Be The Guru you will learn how to: 

  • Discover and develop a relationship with your authentic self
  • Release old unwanted patterns and start afresh
  • Heal relationships and detach from all forms of negative influence
  • Create the life you deserve through tried-and-tested manifestation techniques

Today, I help lightworkers overcome fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from finding and following their purpose, to create positive change in the world. 

Having quit my muggle job and followed my purpose fully at the end of 2017, I focused exclusively on helping lightworkers do the same. 

My classes, courses, and private sessions are all structured around helping you define your life purpose and overcome the obstacles to following it. 

Although my work blends a variety of tools, processes and modalities, I’m most passionate teaching about:  

1. Psychic Development: Through my online course Intuition Mastery School®, I’ll help you unleash your intuitive genius so you be a channel of Source’s guidance, for you and your clients. 

2. Energy Protection: In my popular Psychic Clearing sessions, I help you identify and clear toxic cords of attachment, psychic attack, karmic contracts, and other energy attachments dimming your light. 

3. Past-Life Therapy: Past life regression is a powerful modality for healing past-life traumas, retrieving skills, and honing in on your purpose.

4. Manifestation: Manifestation works best when you partner with the laws of the Universe to bring your desires to life. I’ll teach you powerful manifestation methods to become a magnet of attraction for your purpose, with the aim of creating positive change in the world. 


Are you ready to discover your purpose, release your fears, and create positive change in the world? 

If you identify with the term lightworker then chances are you face one or more of the following obstacles: 

1. You don’t know what your life purpose is. Instead, you are familiar with our collective lightworker purpose of making the world a better place (your life purpose is way more specific and personal).

2. You know your purpose but are held back by fear of judgement, lack of self-confidence, and limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action towards it. 

 As a result, you feel unsure of why you’re here and are fearful of sharing your true self with the world.

You work a muggle job that drains you while waiting for the “perfect timing” to make a change… Your biggest fear is that you’ll wake up one day realizing that time’s run out, and you’ve ended up living someone else’s life.

You want to find your life purpose, overcome the blocks that keep you stuck, and have a clear pathway of taking action towards it. 

If this is you, I’ve got your back! Grab a copy of my book Lightworkers Gotta Work to get started. 


The world won’t change sitting in meditation pillows all day long…

Lightworkers Gotta Work is a practical manual for helping you to find, follow and fulfil your life purpose of creating positive change in the world. It’s a call to action for spiritual teachers, healers, intuitives, artists and spiritual entrepreneurs, who’ve heard the call to help heal the world, but are held back by fear, limiting beliefs and a lack of clarity as to how to go about it.

In the book you will learn how to: 

  • Find and define your life purpose in specific terms 
  • Learn rituals and meditations to nurture your light and feminine energy 
  • Equip yourself with powerful manifestation processes to embrace masculine energy and work your light more effectively 
  • Practise psychic protection techniques to protect your light from unwanted energies 

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A Little About Me

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, psychic healer, the host of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, and the #1 bestselling author of Be The Guru, Lightworkers Gotta Work, and Protect Your Light.

He is the creator of Intuition Mastery School®, and his work has been featured in Goop, Mind Body Green, Popsugar, Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny, Watkin's Mind Body Spirit, Fate & Fortune, and The Numinous.

George helps lightworkers to find their life purpose and work their light in real, palpable ways to create positive change in the world. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, Masters in Psychology and Business Management, and is an ordained priest to Hellenic Polytheism. 


“The world doesn’t change sitting in meditation pillows all day long. The world changes when lightworkers get clear on their purpose and take consistent action towards it.”

– George Lizos

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