A step-by-step framework to advancing your psychic abilities!

In Intuition Mastery School® you’ll go from second-guessing your intuition and depending on divination tools, to feeling safe, confident, and connected while channeling deep, accurate, life-changing readings and healings, without relying on cards or other tools.


Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re an intuitive reader who sometimes still doubt yourself, second-guess your intuition, and depend on tarot and oracle cards for readings. You’re ready to advance your intuitive connection by obliterating self-doubt and stopping depending on divination tools, while giving deep, accurate readings that change people’s lives.

Whether you are…

  • An advanced intuitive reader or healer who wants to drop that last bit of self-doubt, and uplevel to the point that you don’t need to use divination tools for readings
  • A novice intuitive who wants to get it right from the get-go, by learning a proven, step-by-step framework for advancing your intuition
  • An aspiring intuitive professional stuck in a 9-5 job. You eventually want to turn your side-hustle into a fulltime business, and know that fine-tuning your process and mastering your intuition will help you stand out in a crowded industry

You’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how Intuition Mastery School® will give you the tools, practices, and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming the best intuitive you can be.

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Identified and released limiting beliefs that block you from advancing your intuition (i.e. self-doubt, comparison, and seeking validation during readings, and more)
  • Optimised your lifestyle, spiritual practice, diet, home, and relationships, so that they support and amplify your intuitive connection
  • Equipped yourself with advanced techniques, processes, mudras, and meditations, to uplevel your intuition
  • Learned my signature 10-minute process to preparing your mind, body and spirit before you start giving readings
  • Stopped needing tarot, oracle cards, and other divination tools to give readings, and learned a process to channelling accurate readings without even needing to see or talk with the client.
  • Learned how to handle tricky client situations (i.e. conveying difficult info, handling heavy energy, deciding how much to share, and more) 

These are just a few of the results you can expect to receive from the Intuition Mastery School® course!

Hi, I’m George.

I’m a spiritual teacher, intuitive, the author of Be the Guru and the number one bestselling Lightworkers Gotta Work, and the host of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast. I help lightworkers overcome fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from finding and following their life purpose of finding happiness, helping others heal and creating positive change in the world.

I’ve started developing his intuition since the age of 15, and have been giving readings ever since. Through my transformational psychic clearing, psychic reading, and past-life regression sessions, I guide lightworkers to heal the fears and traumas that keep them from thriving on their purpose.

In Intuition Mastery School®, I share with you the process I’ve developed over my 15+ year journey, to overcoming self-doubt, mastering intuition, and giving clear, accurate readings without needing to use tarot or oracle cards.

Here’s what the Grads Have to Say…



Blitz Your Limiting Beliefs

The secret to mastering your psychic abilities has less to do with learning yet another process, and more to do with identifying and releasing the limiting beliefs that hinder your growth.

Whether it’s self-doubt, second-guessing your intuition, comparing yourself to other intuitives, or thinking you aren’t “gifted” enough to do this work, in this module you’ll learn how to identify and release the beliefs that keep you stuck.

You’ll do guided journaling exercises, learn mindset-shifting concepts, practise powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) sequences, and go through Eye Movement Therapy exercises to uncover the core beliefs that sabotage your intuitive development and transform them into new and supportive ones.


  • Dig deep into your subconscious to uncover the root causes behind limiting beliefs such as, “I need to trust myself more”, “I tend to second-guess my intuition”, “I sometimes compare myself to other readers.”? All these limiting beliefs stem from two main core fears linked to your childhood. By identifying and resolving them you’ll automatically release the associated limiting beliefs behind them.
  • Learn my 3-step process to transforming limiting beliefs blocking your intuitive growth into empowering ones. You’ll be able to use this process along Eye Movement Therapy practices to unearth the core issues behind any limiting belief you may have, giving you endless potential for personal, spiritual, and intuitive growth.
  • Learn three powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) sequences that you can practice over and over again to cement your newfound beliefs, and help you step into your intuitive genius. (EFT is an evidence-based, energy psychology modality that combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with acupressure)


Optimise Your Intuitive Lifestyle

I only started noticing significant improvements to my psychic abilities when I made the conscious choice of prioritising them. I figured that if I wanted to reach my highest intuitive potential, I had to optimise my life around my intuition rather than the other way around.

Does your lifestyle support or hinder your intuition? Think about your spiritual practice, food choices, exercise routine, the energy of your house, and your relationships. Is every area of your life optimised to support and amplify your intuitive development? If it isn’t, then you probably still see intuition as a hobby, something you do to pass your time, rather than as an essential aspect of your purpose.

In this module, I’ll guide you through self-inquiry writing exercises, practical processes, empowering meditations, and ample doses of tough love, to help you craft a lifestyle that nurtures your intuition. You’ll get to redefine your spiritual practice, come up with the ideal foods and exercise plan for you, revitalise your house’s energy, and rid yourself of toxic people and relationships.


  • Revisit your spiritual practice and use the 3 Essential Components to design a practice that nurtures your connection to Source and amplifies your intuition. (hint: you’ll learn a little-known secret that’ll wholly transform your practice and the benefits you get as a result.)
  • Learn how to communicate with your body and understand the kind of foods and exercise it needs to support your intuitive growth. You’ll learn a weekly exercise that you can do to figure out exactly what your body needs.
  • Rid your life of toxic people and unhealthy relationships. You’ll learn loving but assertive strategies and do psychic clearing meditations, to release three types of relationships. You’ll learn how to maintain clear boundaries while respecting and honouring other people’s emotions. Releasing unhealthy relationships needn’t be tough or awkward when you know how to go about it.


Uplevel Your Intuition

In 2020, I visited the ancient temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece seeking guidance to strengthening my intuition. What I experienced was beyond anything I’d imagined. In my meditation, Apollo’s priestesses, the famous Pytheias, gifted me sacred symbols and a mudra sequence to help me deepen my connection to the spirit world.

Just like they did in ancient Mystery Schools, I’ve kept these spiritual technologies to myself and will only share them with my students – people such as you, who are truly committed to advancing your intuition and using it as a force for good.

In this module, you’ll get to practise the mudra sequence, receive Apollo’s sacred symbols, expand your intuitive capacity by turning on your psychic vision, and go on a magical past-life journey to retrieve psychic abilities you’d mastered in your past lives.


  • Strengthen your intuitive skills by receiving Apollo’s sacred intuitive symbol. As soon as I received this, I noticed an instant shift in my intuition, particularly my clairvoyance. Suddenly, I could see spirits much more clearly and palpably, and receive clear guidance from them.
  • Develop new intuitive abilities by practising the Pytheia Mudra Sequence, a powerful series of mudras I channelled at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. These mudras hold ancient wisdom and energetic qualities that raise your capacity to receive intuitive guidance cross-dimensionally.
  • Go through a past life regression to the lifetimes during which you’d already mastered your intuition, and retrieve your skills, talents and knowledge to your current lifetime.
  • Learn a practical technique for turning on your psychic vision before giving readings. This technique can be practised in no more than five minutes, and it’ll maximise your ability to connect to yours and your clients’ spirit guides, to receive intuitive guidance.


Prepare Your Energy to Receive

Whereas modules 1 to 3 are all about the long-term practices and shifts you need to make to master your intuitive abilities, this module is all about the preparation you do right before you start giving a reading.

Going into the reading without this initial prep work may still allow you to give a good reading, but it’ll likely not be your best work… It’s like being a chef at a Micheline-star restaurant and not taking the time to prepare in advance for the dishes you’ll cook. You’ll still be able to put together good-tasting meals, but chances are they won’t be Micheline-star quality.

In this module, you’ll learn the 8-step preparation process I do before I set out to give intuitive readings, go through a meditation journey of meeting your entire spirit guide family (they’ll be invaluable assets to call upon in your readings), and receive a downloadable 10-minute meditation guiding you through the preparation process, that you can use in your practice.


  • Learn my signature 8-step preparation process I use before I start giving readings. It consists of a series of practices, intuitive tune-ins and energy activations, that program your whole being to receive vivid and accurate psychic messages. (P.S.: I’ve never shared this before in my books and courses)
  • Meet your entire spirit guide team, including your guardian angels, elemental spirits, Ascended Masters, departed loved ones, spirit animals, gods and goddesses, and star beings. You’ll learn their names, their purpose in working with you, and how they can help you in your intuitive work. You’ll have them at hand to call upon at all times.
  • Get a 10-minute downloadable meditation of the prep-work process that you can use in your intuitive practice, to get into the zone before doing readings and other intuitive work.


Give Stellar Intuitive Guidance

You’ve done the inner work, optimised your life, uplevelled your intuition, and done your prep work… Now, it’s show time! By the end of this module, you’ll learn how to give clear, accurate, transformational readings to clients, so that they leave the session feeling that working with you was the best thing that happened to them.

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m already a great reader, and people always leave the session feeling satisfied.” The question I’d like you to ask yourself is, “Am I the best intuitive I can be, or is there still room for improvement?”

In this module, you’ll get to uplevel your intuitive reading technique by dropping divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards, and instead learn to channel using automatic writing. Additionally, you’ll learn how to elicit intuitive guidance when it’s not forthcoming or your clients are blocking it, and also learn various types of guidance you can reach for. Finally, you’ll learn how to deal with tricky clients and sharing sensitive or uncomfortable information.


  • No longer rely on divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards, and learn to channel the reading before you even interact with the client.
  • Learn 3 ways of eliciting intuitive guidance when it’s not forthcoming, or when the client is blocking it. You’ll never again be in the awkward position of telling the client you’re not getting much, or provide vague guidance.
  • Learn to deal with the 5 most common tricky-client scenarios, such as conveying difficult information, people disagreeing or not resonating with something you’ve shared, or wondering how deep you can go with the information you provide.

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