Hi, I’m George.

I help lightworkers find their life purpose and overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from following it, through intuitive guidance, past-life therapy, and psychic healing journeys, to find happiness, help others heal, and create change in the world. 

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Through his online workshops, Intuition Mastery School® online course, #1 best-selling books Be The Guru and Lightworkers Gotta Work, and popular spiritual podcast The Lit Up Lightworker, George inspires modern-day mystics, empaths and lightworkers to find, follow, and fulfil their life purpose. 

George teaches that the world won’t change sitting in meditation pillows all day long. He’s passionate about helping lightworkers not just nurture their light, but work it in real, palpable ways to create positive change in the world. George’s work balances intuitive guidance and practical application and draws from various spiritual modalities, such as intuitive healing, past-life therapy, manifestation, trauma therapy, and working with the elemental realms.

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Cut Cords, Cleanse your Energy and Protect Your Light



Find Your Life Purpose and Create Change in the World

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Become Your Own Spiritual Teacher

The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast

A virtual Hogwarts School of Magic –  each episode introduces a new spiritual topic packed with actionable guidance to help you work your light smarter.

With guidance from best-selling spiritual teachers such as Diana Cooper, Rebecca Cambpell, and Yasmin Boland, spiritual processes, and  intuitive insights, The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast is a virtual training ground for empaths, lightworkers, and spiritual seekers. From intuition and witchcraft, to unicorns and astrology, you’ll get to fill up your spiritual toolkit with wisdom and guidance to help you follow your purpose with ease and confidence. 

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