5 Ways to Find Who You Were In Your Past Life (Without Using Past Life Regression)
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Do you wonder who you were in your past life?

Are you looking for ways to remember your past lives? 

Without a doubt past life regression is the most effective way to get clarity your past lives, but not the only way.

In truth, you’re not just your current lifetime; you’re all the lifetimes you’ve ever had. From this perspective, when you wear the identity of your Eternal Self as your true identity, all the lives you’ve had (including the skills and abilities you’d developed) become available for you in the present life. 

Since your past-life selves are all merged with your present self, you can get clues of your past lives by carefully exploring your present life. 

What I’m saying is, the way you live is 100% influenced by your past lives, and by paying attention you can uncover a great deal of details about your past lives. 

In my new video, I give you five ways you can start exploring your past lives by paying attention to your present lifetime, so you can trigger past life memories and discover who you were in your past lives. 

Watch the video here to learn all about it. 

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