How to Use a Pendulum for Healing
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Have you ever used a pendulum?

Most people I know have used them as a divination tool to get simple Yes/No answers, but did you know you can also use them for healing?

As part of my Elemental Space Clearing training with Denise Linn we used several tools to both clear and create energy, the pendulum being one of them.

Like you, I’d mostly used it as a form of divination but I was pleasantly surprised to see how powerful it was as a healing tool. 

Specifically, over the years I’ve used pendulums to:

  • Remove stuck energy from people in my Psychic Clearing sessions
  • Clear spaces as part of my Elemental Space Clearing practice
  • Remove low-level entities from people’s auras and houses
  • Bring new, positive energy in people and places.

I’d love to help you use pendulums for healing, so in my new YouTube video I share a simple 5-step process to help you do so. 🙂

Watch the video to learn my process of healing using a pendulum

Once you’re done watching, come in Your Spiritual Toolkit Facebook Group and join the conversation about pendulums for healing.

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