Psychic Clearing Session


Approximately: $129


In this 60-minute session, I'll tune into your energy field to identify and release toxic energy and psychic attack that's blocking your flow.

There are 5 types of psychic attack you may be affected by:

  • Psychic Daggers or anger and jealousy that others have sent to you
  • Low-Level Spirits such as ghosts, that may be attached to your aura and drain your energy
  • Collective Thought Patterns that linger as energetic clouds over cities, lowering your vibration and dimming your light
  • Residual Spatial Energy that you pick up as you walk through various physical spaces
  • Toxic Cords of Attachment that you've established to people, draining your life force and controlling your emotions

Unless you consciously identify and clear these energies, you're giving permission to external sources to control your energy, emotions, and the way you feel.

In this psychic clearing session, I'll tune into your aura, chakras, and energy body to identify and come up with a list of what's clouding your energy (and give you specific details of the people involved). I'll then guide you through powerful processes to release the psychic attack, shield your energy, and teach your psychic protection processes you can use to protect yourself.


"I had a psychic clearing with George recently, and it blew my mind! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he tuned into what had been happening with total accuracy, helped to make me feel safe and reassured through the whole process, and provided excellent advice and aftercare. I’m still working through the things that came up, but I can’t recommend this session, and George, enough. Thank you George!" – Lucy C, UK

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