Past Life Regression



In this 60-minute past-life regression session, I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation where you’ll be able to experience one or more of your past lives.

The primary aim of past-life regression is to bring to the surface past-life fears, traumas, relationships or contracts that are affecting you negatively in your current lifetime. In the regression, we will use various spiritual and psychological processes to heal and release these past-life traumas.

We can also use past-life regression to retrieve past-life skills, talents, and knowledge that will help you move forward with your life purpose, explore your magical past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Avalon, but also to explore your soul-realm past lives and get an overview of your soul's journey through the eons.

*As soon as you've booked the session you'll receive an email with the Zoom link, and a link to my calendar to schedule it.


“I’m so grateful and thankful that I followed the very strong nudge to book a past life regression session with George. We went all the way back to Atlantis, and the details and gifts that emerged from that session made so much sense, and is heightening what I have already begun and am drawn to in this modern life. George has such a grounded and focused presence that allowed us to uncover beautiful truths, perspective, and retrieve skills which has put me more at ease that I’m on the right path. He’s an incredible and knowledgeable guide who has learned from some of the best in this field. You can take a leap of faith and trust that George can hold your hand safely across the ethers in a matter of just an hour. Happy co-creating!” – Nicole Davis, USA

"I was very excited to work with George even before beginning our past life session. I wanted to experience self-healing in my current struggles and felt as if I needed to heal the past. I loved his energy and I could tell we could connect well. I felt a very instant calmness while going through the session. As we worked through memories, I was able to get accurate times, names and descriptions involving my past life and how they are connected to my current life. This discovery has led to higher levels of self-esteem and motivation. I’m very happy to have shared this experience with George and look forward to working with him again!" – Melissa Garcia, USA

"My ego and assumptions of my past life were not allowing me to see my past life, but George was able to guide me through it to access the information in a different way. If it wasn't for his expertise, I probably would have thought that regressions don't work. During my Past Life Regression, I was able to see the connection between my past life trauma (and the biggest regret of that lifetime) and my struggles in this life (opening up to people has been a very big issue for me, even to open up to my kids 100%). As I exited the room after the session, I saw my kids, and I instantly felt that the wall standing between me and them was gone! It felt amazing!" – Inese, Latvia

Veronica's past-life regression as Josephine Bonaparte, Napoleon's wife:

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