Best Crystal for Mediumship & Spirit Communication
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Communicating with our angels, guides, and ancestors is a natural skill we’re all born with. Yes, some of us have a natural predisposition to practising spirit communication, like all skills and talents, but we can all develop our mediumship abilities.

Personally, although I was trained in mediumship I choose not to practise it professionally, as I tend to enjoy the high-vibrational energy of angels and the elementals more. However, often when I’m giving a reading to someone or are working on their energy body, one or more of their ancestors make themselves present, wanting me to pass through a message of love. I gladly do so.

Aside from these occasions I’m rarely visited by departed souls, which is why I was taken by surprised when a casual meditation with a certain crystal had led me to my most intense mediumship experience yet.

It was the first time I’d encountered this particular crystal. Like I do with most new crystals, I decided to spend time in meditation, getting to know its energy and nurturing a relationship with it.

Little did I know that this crystal meditation would be unlike all others…

Within seconds of meditating I was visited by numerous souls from the spirit world, and had had clear, vivid communication them. It was so intense that I had to end my meditation early so I could go ground myself.

Later on I did some research on the crystal, which explained why it’s so potent in aiding with mediumship.

Watch the video below to learn what this crystal is, and how to use it effectively for mediumship and spirit communication.

Best Crystal for Mediumship & Spirit Communication


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