Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication
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Telepathic communication is one of those psychic skills spiritual teachers don’t like to talk about. The general perception about it is that it’s an advanced and complicated spiritual skill to develop, so people just avoid mentioning or teaching it.

I disagree. Telepathic communication isn’t hard to practise, not if you have the right techniques and you stick to them consistently.

That being said, practising telepathic communication or any other psychic skill should come from a place of authenticity and service. If you seek to develop it as a means of doing party tricks, showing off, or boosting your spiritual ego, it won’t be easy to do so.

There are beings of light that work specifically to monitoring spiritual activity and keep psychic skills from being used in inauthentic or malevolent ways.

If you choose to develop telepathy, or any other spiritual skill, do so because it’ll help you nurture your light and work it in the world. Do it out of a genuine need to following your lightworker purpose.

When you go into it with this mentality, Spirit will show up for you. Your guides will come in and send you the right people, tools, and processes to ensure you get there.

If you’re genuinely ready and willing to develop your telepathy power, watch the video below to learn an easy technique to doing so.

After you’re done watching, try the process and share your experience with it, along with any results you get, in the comment section below.

Easy Technique to Practise Telepathic Communication


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