Types of Elemental Spirits
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Have you ever wondered what kind of elemental spirits you can encounter out in nature? 

In this video, I introduce the five types of elementals and how to deepen your connection with them.

I believe that all the answers we seek are in nature. Despite all the destructions that Mother Earth has endured throughout her existence she always managed to survive, or better said, to thrive! This is for the most part as a result of nature beings such as fairies, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and sylphs, that tirelessly work their magic to maintain the Earth’s balance.

My Geography teacher used to tell me, “it’s not about saving Planet Earth, it’s about saving the human race.” I agree with her. Gaia has powerful processes, driven by the elementals, that ensure it flushes out impurities and restores its equilibrium. If we don’t respect her, she won’t hesitate to flush us out, too.  

The elementals don’t want this to happen. The reason they’ve been coming in more strongly over the last few years is because they want to help us help ourselves. They’re extending an olive branch so we can more consciously connect with them, and together to co-create heaven on Earth.

Watch the video below to learn who these elemental types are and how to connect with them.

Watch the entire Elemental Meditation series: 

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