Tree Therapy | Meditation to Connect with the Dryads – Elemental Healing™
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Have you ever experienced Tree Therapy or Tree Healing? In this guided meditation, you’ll get to meet and connect with the tree dryads to experience Elemental Healing™.

Trees are wise, gentle, powerful elemental nature beings that have the ability to establish deep and intimate connections with humans. Unlike most elementals who specialise in a specific life area, tree nymphs or dryads specialise in intimacy.

When you connect with a tree spirit it can bare its soul to you. In turn, it’ll expect you to do the same. Think of tree dyads in the same way you think about your friends. Would you take advantage of your friend and then move on to the next one? Or, would you instead invest in that relationship with your time, care, and energy? Trees expect the same treatment.

Trees are antennas of the earth’s wisdom. They channel deep spiritual knowledge that they’ll impart on to you as your relationship grows.

In this Elemental Healing meditation, inspired from the Elemental Healing Practitioner Course that I run with Calista, you’ll get to meet, and connect deeply with the tree dryads to experience deep healing.

This is the second of seven videos in my free Elemental Training Series.

You can watch the first video, Types of Elemental Spirits here.

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