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Do this now: 

Take a breath in.
Hold it.
Let go. 

Did you know that you’ve just had an interaction with a sylph?

The sylphs are the spirits and consciousness of air. They specialise in helping us let go of stress, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, including past life beliefs.

While performing psychic clearing on a client last year I could see an overwhelming amount of limiting beliefs clouding her aura. Before I could start using my usual methods to clear it, a group of sylphs came through and asked me to let them work on her instead.

I observed as they used a technique called a ‘sylph storm’ to dislocate and release all the limiting cobwebs from my client’s aura and energy bodies.

She later reported a palpable shift in her energy, and a newfound sense of confidence.

Since then, I’ve worked with the sylphs consciously in my psychic clearing sessions to help clear people of all forms of psychic attack.

In my recent YouTube video inspired from the Elemental Healing Practitioner Course, I share a 20-minute meditation you can use to meet and connect deeply with your sylph spirit guide. Watch the video below to access the meditation. 

This is the fifth of seven videos in my free Elemental Training Series.

Watch the entire Elemental Meditation series:

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