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Have you ever experienced Fairy Healing? In this guided meditation, you’ll get to meet and connect with the flower fairies to experience faery magic.

Flower fairies are the spirits and consciousness within flowers and plants. They are gentle earth elementals that hold within them the powerful medicine and healing qualities of the plant kingdom. The reason essential oils and flower essences are so effective in treating physical, mental, and emotional ailments is partly due to the flowers’ chemical constituents, but also due to the work of the elemental fairies within the plants and flowers.

I first connected with the flower fairies after a breakup. I remember laying in bed crying and feeling depressed. I’d built an energetic wall around my heart that kept all my hurt and resentment inside, preventing me from releasing my emotions and moving on. That’s when I was visited by a flock of rose flower fairies that sought to help me heal and open my heart. I led them guide me through a powerful healing session, and eventually, I was free.

Since then, I’ve worked with the flower fairies extensively and empowered others to do the same. I teach about the flower fairies as part of the Elemental Healing Practitioner Course, where students train to become certified Elemental Healing Practitioners. 

In this Elemental Healing meditation inspired from the course, you’ll get to meet and connect deeply with the flower fairies to experience deep healing.

This is the third of seven videos in my free Elemental Training Series.

Watch the entire Elemental Meditation series:

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