A 12-Week Transformational Journey to Deepen Your Connection with Nature's Spirits

with Calista & George

Elemental Healing™ is a new energy healing system to deepen your connection with nature’s spirit guardians. You will go from feeling doubtful of receiving clear guidance with the elementals, to having real, vivid experiences and feeling confident in your ability to receive guidance and healing from them, using a variety of spiritual practices, meditations, attunements, and hands-on healing techniques.  



Have you always been drawn to nature and wanted to deepen your connection?

Have you been interested in fairies, unicorns, dragons, and mermaids, and wondered whether there's truth to their existence?

Maybe you want to learn how to work with the elementals to heal others, yourself, and the panet? 

Or maybe you’re already a professional healer or spiritual practitioner who wants to expand your business offerings? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you.  

We believe that all the answers we seek are in nature.  

But, with the hustle and bustle of modern life it’s become very easy to disconnect from it, and from ourselves, and instead search for answers in all the wrong places.  

The elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit are nature’s guardians. They still remember how to flow and thrive, and they’ve helped Mother Earth do so for millions of years. Despite the destructions our planet has endured, the elementals have ensured that she always comes out a winner.  

The reason fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and dragons are so popular right now, is because the elementals are invested in helping us do so, too! 

Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is an online, 12-week programme to deeply connecting and healing with the elementals. You will overcome your self-doubt in connecting with, and receiving healing and guidance from the elementals, through a system of hands-on healing techniques, attunements, practical exercises, and meditation journeys, to deepen your understanding of nature's spirits and have confidence in partnering with them to heal you, others, and the world.

By completing the requirements of this course, you’ll be an Elemental Healing™ Practitioner and you’ll receive a certificate that’s suitable for framing.  



Elementals are the living consciousness of nature.

As they’re closely linked with the planet, the elementals are aware of our earthly issues and concerns. As a result, they’re adept at helping us transform practical matters in our lives, such as our finances, health, career and relationships, as well as being master teachers to help us live our soul’s path and potential.  

Although nature is interconnected, here’s what each elemental type specialises in: 

  • Earth – physical health, finances, home and security. 
  • Water – emotional health, relationships, love and sexuality.
  • Fire – energetic health, creativity, transformation and motivation. 
  • Air – mental health, inspiration, purification and stress-release. 
  • Spirit – spiritual health, connection, purpose and joy. 

Simply, working with the elementals helps you create heaven on earth! 

They help you attune to the Earth’s infinite well of well-being and abundance, so YOU can enjoy this bliss, too.

Just Imagine...

  • Having your guardian unicorn, mermaid, dragon, faery or sylph on hand, to receive practical wisdom and support. 

  • Learning hands-on healing positions that you can use to channel nature’s healing energy to yourself and others. 

  • Leading meditation journeys with the elementals, setting up sacred space to communicate with them, and using channeling techniques to receive guidance to improve your life.

  • Becoming an elemental healing practitioner, using your newfound skills to help your clients, community and the world to ascend.

These are just a few of the results you can expect to receive from the Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course!

How Are the Elementals Different?

Connecting with the elementals is different than with angels, Ascended Masters, or other spiritual beings:

  • They’re easier to communicate with. Unlike the angels who are other-wordly and purely spiritual, the elementals have a physical side to them. As a result, you can see them with your physical eyes, and have a more direct conversation with them. 

  • They have no dogma. While worshipping in temples and churches comes with rules, the elementals wish only for us to be happy and live our best life. Like nature, their energy and guidance is pure, gentle, and natural.

  • Their guidance is more practical. Because of their proximity to our daily lives the elementals have observed us for thousands of years. As a result, they know how to communicate with us in a way we’ll understand, and provide us with practical guidance to transform our lives. 

  • They know the Earth’s success secrets. They’ve been around since the birth of the planet and have ensured it keeps on thriving. Partnering with them helps us do the same in all areas of life. 


Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course will help you overcome self-doubt and procrastination with regards to connecting with, and receiving healing and guidance from the elementals, through a system of hands-on healing techniques, attunements, practical exercises, and meditation journeys, to deepen your understanding of nature’s spirits and have confidence in partnering with them to heal yourself, others, and the world. 

In this 12-week online course you will:

  • Attune to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to receive wisdom to transform all areas of your life.
  • Practise hands-on positions to channel healing elemental energy to yourself and others.
  • Enjoy powerful meditation journeys to release limiting blocks and beliefs that have been immobilising you. 
  • Meet your elemental guide from each element and receive practical guidance for improving your reality.
  • Learn how to set up Elemental Altars as portals for deepening your connection with the elementals.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • The Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Manual (£297) 
  • Six two-hour video sessions of attunements and meditation journeys with the elementals (£697) 
  • Six subsequent incubation weeks of online support (£197)
  • Hands-on healing positions to channel the elementals 
  • Training on channeling and creating sacred elemental altars
  • 140+ pages of tools, techniques, and processes  
  • 100% online  
  • Personalised support & guidance  
  • Lifetime access  
  • Certificate of completion (£47) 
  • Bonus: 12-Weeks Members-Only Private Facebook Group (£197) 
  • Bonus: 3 Live Q&A Sessions with Calista and George (£197)

The total value is £1632 (approx. $2158)  

Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course comes with a beautifully designed, 140+ pages teaching manual which includes: 

  • Detailed information on how to connect, channel and work with each element
  • Directory of the most on-purpose elemental beings to partner with
  • Direct and sacred teachings from the elementals
  • Practical and quick rituals, tools and techniques to practise out in nature
  • How to give hands-on and remote elemental healing
  • How to connect your clients with the elementals through meditations, activations and attunements
  • Setting up elemental altars and working with nature's ancient magic
  • How to work with blended elementals for complex issues
  • Self-study exercises to help you delve deeper
  • Guidance to becoming the very best Elemental Healing™ Practitioner you can be


Since launching the course in March 2019 we've certified twenty people from all around the world, who now use Elemental Healing™ for both personal and professional purposes. 


Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is not spiritual entertainment. It will help you nurture a deeper connection and consistent communication with your elemental guardians, to create positive changes in your life.

We’ll meet every Sunday for 6 weeks for a two-hour online workshop, to receive elemental attunements and go through a meditation journey with your elemental guides within each element. Following the workshop you’ll have practical exercises in the manual and personalized guidance in the private Facebook Group. 

Here’s what you’ll create in this online 12-week programme:

Elemental Healing™ Basics

April 12th

  • Introduction to the Elementals and Elemental Healing™
  • Creating Sacred Space and Setting Up Elemental Altars
  • Effective ways to communicate, channel and receive guidance with elemental energy 
  • How to perform self-healing, hands-on and remote Elemental Healing™  
  • Training on Leading Meditation Journeys
  • Professionalism and ethics in becoming an Elemental Healing™ Practitioner

Working with Earth and Earth Elementals

April 19th

Attunement, Meditation and practices to:  

  • Meet Elementals such as Flower Fairies, Forest Nymphs, Gnomes, Mountain Giants, Tree Dryads, Stone and Crystal Beings.
  • Learn Shielding Techniques Using Essential Oils and Sacred Processes to Transform Health and Financial flow. 
  • Go On a Powerful Mountain Giant Journey to Release Financial Blocks and Open Yourself Up to Infinite Abundance
  • Shift the Vibration of Your Home to Support Your Growth and Ascension

Working with Air and Air Elementals

April 26th

Attunement, Meditation and practices to: 

  • Meet Elementals such as Sylphs, The Four Winds, Sea, Valley, Mountain, and Desert Breeze spirits. 
  • Learn How to See Elementals with Your Physical Eyes  
  • Identify and Release Deep-seated Limiting Beliefs, Patterns and Behaviours that Hold You Back in Life. 
  • Learn Practical Ways to Live in the Moment to Clear Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm  

Working with Fire and Fire Elementals  

May 3rd

Attunement, Meditation and practices to: 

  • Meet elementals such as Helios, the Earth Core, Volcano, and Sun Dragons, and Salamanders
  • Learn How to ‘Become’ a Dragon to Support You and Your Clients' Healing.  
  • Move Forward on Your Important Life Goals by Working with the Earth Core Dragons
  • Work With the Volcano Dragons to Take Inspired, Rather than Rushed Risks Towards Your Purpose

Working with Water and Water Elementals

May 10th

Attunement, Meditation and practices to: 

  • Meet Elementals such as Ocean, Lake, and River Mermaids, Sirens, Undines, and Water Nymphs.
  • Boost Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Your Power to Manifest with the Lake Beings.  
  • Facilitate Emotional Transformation for You / Your Clients by Creating ‘Mermaid Water’.  
  • Learn the Sacred Healing Symbols of the Ocean, River and Lake Mermaids and How to Work with Them.  

Working with Spirit and Spirit Elementals

May 17th

Attunement, Meditation and practices to: 

  • Discover (and receive!) the Unicorn Virtues to Advance Spiritually and Embody Oneness with All Creation
  • Channel the Nine Greek Muses to Fuel Creative Projects and Spark Inspiration.  
  • Meet Your Personal Pegasian Guide to Support You in Life and in Your Healing Treatments.  
  • Receive Etheric Unicorn Horns to Channel Unicorn Healing Energy 

Practitioner Incubation Period (optional)

After the training part of the course has ended you will have six weeks to complete the requirements of becoming an Elemental Healing™ Practitioner. This will involve completing a number of hands-on healing case studies and handing in a written assignment.

This is optional, as you may simply wish to use the processes without becoming a certified practitioner.

In twelve weeks you’d have deepened your connection to nature, become an elemental healer, and transformed every area of your life!

Plus, these fabulous bonuses:

Bonus #1

12-Week Members-Only Private Facebook Group - £197 Value

You'll get to receive one-on-one guidance from Calista and George, share your insights, get your questions answered, learn from other students, and get the support you need.

Bonus #2

3 Live Q&A Sessions with Calista and George - £197 Value

Additionally to Calista and George's support in the Facebook Group, you'll have three interactive live sessions with them to get answers and support to all your questions and concerns. 

A total value of £394 in bonuses, for FREE!

The total value is £1632 (approx. $2158)  

£297 ($382) 

or 2 payments of £159 or 5 payments of £67 

Enrollment closes Thursday April 9th at 3pm PDT/ 6pm EDT/ 11pm GMT

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Money-Back Guarantee

Enrolling to the Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is risk free! If you're not satisfied with the programme we'll give you a full refund, within 14 days from your day of enrolment.

Calista is an ascension-based author and speaker who has dedicated her life to helping others rise and shine, inspiring souls through her founding therapy systems: Unicorn Healing®, Angel Healing® and Atlantean Crystal Healing™. 

Her first book, Unicorn Rising - Living Your Truth and Unleash Your Magic (Hay House) is out now.

Calista loves spending time with her three boys and teaches Kundalini Yoga in her local community. She treasures family, friends and the little joys of life, believing the key to enlightenment is to honour our humanity as much as our divinity, while having as much fun along the way! www.calistaascension.com

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, host of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, author of Be The Guru and the #1 bestselling Lightworkers Gotta Work. 

George helps lightworkers to find their life purpose and work their light in real, palpable ways to create positive change in the world. He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences and is an ordained priest to Hellenic Polytheism. 

George has researched and worked with the elementals for over 10 years, and has created two other elemental programmes, Mermaid Bootcamp and Unicorn Bootcamp. www.georgelizos.com


Here’s what People Have to Say...

“This past week focusing on the earth elementals has been interesting. Without realizing it I was using the 4 Laws of Prosperity and becoming more aware of the cycles that we go through with our thoughts, emotions, and energy. I noticed that the block I had in my solar plexus was related to the topic of money and my beliefs and feelings of being judged or undeserving with more money. As a result of working with the faeries in the meditation, this block has been released."

TerriAnn Gilbert, Canada

“This was a very powerful experience. My sylph appeared at first as a wisp passing before me. Almost like the energy that radiates from a candle flame. Then it formed into a soft, orb-like form and introduced herself as "Violet". The same as her color. No sound. No smell. But a kind and gentle spirit of Knowing. She then appeared as a wee and very slender fairy. Cheerful and dear. Loving this so much. Thank you, thank you.”

Dawn-Marie Hanrahan, USA

“I had always been connected to nature, but this course was the next step. Through the meditations and course instruction I learned how to listen and trust in my own insight and overcome mental blocks by tapping into the world around me. Near the end of the course, my personal final session gave me the impetus for a creative project that I had kept scrapping and restarting. Since that day, I have kept writing, and I truly cannot imagine how differently my life would have unfolded without the course.”

Katherine Jovanovic, USA

“As George's unicorn meditations went on I was given the names and abstracts for my 4th, 5th, 6th, AND 7th Books!!!! And assured that when the time is right the publishing will happen! WHOAAAAA!”


“I’ve always had the need to prove myself in relationships. I felt the pressure to express love in ways that others wanted me to. George's mermaid meditation helped me see that this need goes back to my relationships with my father, family, and friends. This was a groundbreaking epiphany for me! I feel like a veil was lifted. It’s funny how you can go through life not recognising the things that are right in front of you.”


“Not only did Calista envision and understand my situation she also gave further guidance to lead me in the right direction - touching on all aspects of my life and spiritual nature - a true star and gave me just what I needed at just the right time - a gorgeous soul and a privilege to work with."


“Wow! Just did George's first mediation and loved it! My unicorn is called Asbeth and has the deepest eyes. He showed me standing on a stage talking to a lot of people, getting them ready to connect to their spiritual support group. I felt so happy and confident. A perfect start to my day!”


“I never consciously associated pain with love and doing this exercise made me realise that perhaps subconsciously I was, thus I have a hard time fully opening myself up to new relationships – regardless of what form they take on. As a result of George's mermaid journeys I’m slowly starting to learn what love really is. Love is acceptance, expansion, and one of life’s most joyful experiences.”


“I gave myself the gift of a soul session with Calista and am compelled to share with you the power, grace and sacredness of what came through for me, as well as the healing that transpired. My experience was attuned specifically to my needs, as guided by my soul, the voice of which Calista helped interpret. I can say I’ve been awakened to a new level of awareness of where I am on my path. I’ve also seen actual movement and manifestations that have been blocked for over a year in a few short hours following the session! I’ve also been shown how supported I am from Mother Earth."


“When signing up to working with the unicornd I longed for some ease, fun and magic in my life. I had gone through many years of depression, anxiety and complete exhaustion. And up turned George’s beautiful course! I felt so connected, happy and at peace after listening to all the meditations, getting to know my Unicorn Ezzaraiah, and aligning more with this wild, strong authentic side of myself! Thank you for adding more sparkle and magic to my life, George! We are so many that need it.”


“I realised that many of the limiting beliefs I have about relationships are cultural. I come from an Indian background, and although I grew up with a modern and western outlook these beliefs were taken on within me from my mother, who was always worried about “what will people think?” I am glad I’m now gently letting these beliefs wash away. Thank you mermaids, and thank you George!”


“I just did George's meditation and I am in awe of how beautiful and calming it was. The garden felt so familiar to me, and I could hear wind chimes and a child’s laughter on the breeze. My unicorn is Sela, which means to pause and reflect. She wore a piece of jewellery at the base of her horn that sparkled with crystal light. I felt so safe and in a state of bliss. I cried with relief and my heart swelled. I saw myself by a beach house, leading a group of women in a ritual around a fire, then teaching in a garden. Thank you so, so much George!”


“I am so very grateful for all that Calista shares upon our beautiful Mama Earth. Her teaching journey, courses and meditations have inspired me in so many ways. The guided meditations she shares are like a healing in itself and her voice-work is divine. I first sat in on a talk from Calista at a holistic fair many, many moons ago, and I knew then she was an Earth Angel. Since then I have engaged in Calista's guided meditations and healings, and all experiences have each offered me a profound platform to expand upon my own spiritual journey."


“My unicorn is aptly named Miracle and my life purpose has to do with blending the worlds of left/right brain, of balance, and teaching this balance to others. I am quite literally ambidextrous, which carries into my writing, and I believe needs to carry through to the world even more. I am starting to use my voice in speaking to groups, and my purpose includes nurturing that by conquering my fears and going forth on a larger scale. It is time. Thank you, George!”



Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is right for you if you can identify with any of these:

  •  You’ve always been drawn to nature and want to deepen your connection with it. 

  • You love talking about elementals such as unicorns, mermaids, dragons, sylphs and faeries, and want to learn how you can work with them to heal yourself, others, and the world. 

  • You’re a spiritual teacher, healer, or intuitive, interested in learning a new healing modality to use with clients. 

  • You have a deep connection with nature and want to help her heal and thrive.  

Here’s a quick recap of what you get by enrolling to Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course:

Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is a revolutionary hands-on healing modality to deepen your connection with nature’s spirit guardians. You'll receive attunements, learn advanced healing techniques, create sacred altars, and go through meditation journeys to deeply experience and heal with the elementals of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. 

You will receive:

  • The Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Manual (£297) 
  • Six two-hours video sessions of attunements and meditation journeys with the elementals (£697) 
  • Six subsequent incubation weeks of online support (£197)
  • Hands-on healing positions to channel the elementals 
  • Training on channeling and creating sacred elemental altars
  • 140+ pages of tools, techniques, and processes  
  • 100% online  
  • Personalised support & guidance  
  • Lifetime access  
  • Certificate of completion (£47) 
  • Bonus: 12-Weeks Members-Only Private Facebook Group (£197)
  • Bonus: 3 Live Q&A Sessions with Calista and George (£197)

The total value is £1632 (approx. $2158)

£297 ($382)

or 2 payments of £159 or 5 payments of £67

Enrollment closes Thursday April 9th at 3pm PDT/ 6pm EDT/ 11pm GMT

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“I got engaged as a result of working with the mermaids! Thank you, George!”


"I learnt how to give unicorn healing treatments and how to connect with the unicorns to support my daily life. Unicorns are inspiring me, encouraging my creativity and are supporting me to work toward my goals. Working with the unicorns really helped me to become more confident about my soul’s path as a teacher, writer and artist. Calista’s loving spirit comes through with every interaction. She deeply cares about her students and provides the best for them. The unicorn attunement was an amazing experience and I really appreciated her detailed feedback of the messages she received."


“I did George's Unicorn meditation yesterday and it really helped me tune into my feminine energy, which I’ve really needed lately. Yesterday, I needed to put a request in for some time off from my bridge job and I knew that it could cause some conflict in relation to the timing. Usually I’d feel anxious and really attached to the outcome that suited me, yet this time I felt totally chilled out and trusting that the outcome would be of the highest good for all – thanks to my Unicorn Guide Ezra and my cleared upper chakras. Today, I got the time off confirmed with no problems. Phew!”


"Not only as a healer, but as an empath, I'm very particular about who I allow into my energy field. So recently, when I was moving through some issues, I asked my guides, "Who can help me best in this moment?" I was guided to Calista and I couldn't possibly be more grateful. My soul session with Calista was transformative, healing, and brought much needed clarity and insight. But even more so and perhaps more importantly, it was filled with love and compassion."


“Victimising myself in relationships had become comfortable and convenient, giving me an excuse to hold onto anger and resentment. It was a means to sabotage myself and make it OK being in a relationship that no longer worked. I’d basically manipulated myself into thinking that this is all I was allowed and deserved to feel. It felt liberating being able to finally express these emotions in George's mermaid meditation and see what I’ve been putting me through. I feel a sense of relief knowing that this attitude is now shifting and changing.”


“I’ve been trying to narrow down my life purpose but have been having a hard time getting there. I have known for quite some time now that my purpose is one of love and hope but didn’t know in what capacity. In my future vision, I was on the beach surrounded by a group of happy children and I could feel the love connecting us all together. I now know that my life purpose has to do with teaching these qualities to children. I’m so grateful to George and the unicorns for this revelation!”


“Before I worked with the elementals I was on strong medication for post-natal depression. Calista’s teachings led me to look deep into my shadow side and stop being a victim. I was not only able to live in joy every day but I began a beauty course at 40, won a court case on my own and most importantly opened my heart to love and be loved again.”  


"I am truly honored and grateful to Calista for an amazing session! She was able to connect me with my Dragon and Unicorn guides and bring forth essential messages for my mission! To our surprise, a tree elf decided to make his appearance with a strong message for me! She also facilitated the release of old patterns and wounds! What an amazing, awesome and purely magical session with such a beautiful spirit! Thank you Calista!"


“Being that I am in a loving and supportive relationship currently, the mermaids gave me more of an insight on how to strengthen the love I have for myself. I realised I need to do a little more work on loving and accepting myself fully, as when I do others will as well. I need to focus on bringing back a sense of play, and living in my authentic self. I do have a tendency to try to play up to who I think others want me to be. I tend to give them the person I think that they will love instead of just being myself. The message I got over and over again in the meditations was: Just do you, have a sense of adventure and play, be authentic, love yourself and others will love you even more.”


“I was afraid of getting out of unhealthy relationships due to fear of letting people down, as I had made a promise to be with them for better or for worse. I didn’t want to listen to the guidance I kept receiving. I kept going with the motto ‘I will make this work,’ until it all totally broke down and crashed. But, this is changing now. As a result of George's mermaid journey I am learning that you can’t abuse yourself to keep others at peace. I realise that there are certain people and relationships you just have to leave behind, and put yourself first.”


“I have encountered Calista through her YouTube channel, and from the first instance my entire being was surrounded by a deep sense of peace. Finally, I felt safe. Calista’s presence and teachings are genuinely filled with unconditional love, purity, and kind wisdom. She offers many empowering tools that assist others in opening up to their true shining nature. A source of inspiration… a safe place to heal."


“For so long I have either been pulled to let everything go and just ‘be’, or pulled towards a calling, which involves doing. I never imagined I could do both! It was like I wanted to do both but I always thought it would have to be one or the other. Working with George and the unicorns has shown me that it is possible to live in both feminine and masculine ways – to ‘be’ and ‘do’!”


You Deserve it

Life isn't supposed to be a struggle. It's meant to be easy. It's meant to flow. Happiness, fulfillment and abundance are rightfully yours; you just have to know how to tune in to them. 

Working with the Elementals in this magical journey will help remove all the obstacles that keep you stuck, and open up the path to your abundant life. 

In 12 weeks you’ll be on your way to manifesting the magical life you were born to live. 


Will this help me create real change in my life?

YES! We can’t stress this out enough. Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is not spiritual entertainment.  

Unfortunately, society has demoted unicorns, mermaids, faeries, and dragons to funny memes, quirky gifs, and superficial spiritual tips. In doing so, they’ve obscured the true essence and power of the elementals.  

The way we work with the elementals isn’t cheesy or superficial. We’ve personally worked with the elementals to manifest successful careers, fulfilling relationships, soulful connections, and so have our students. But don’t take our word for it, go ahead and scroll through the testimonials on this page to read through some of the results that our students have achieved. 

Doing this work for the past 10 years, we’ve realised time and time again that all the answers we seek are in nature. Time and time again, we tuned into the wisdom of Mother Earth and have received clear guidance, astounding wisdom, and practical action steps to completely transform our lives.  

In this course, we aim to help you establish a similar connection to nature, so that you can experience your own transformation.  

I'm a complete beginner when it comes to the elementals. Will I be able to follow along?  

Absolutely! This course is for both newbies and advanced spiritual seekers. We'll start from the basics and train you to developing your skills.

How much support will I get during the course?

Since this is a group programme, all support will be given in the private Facebook Group for the duration of the 12-week programme. We’ll be actively involved in the group, providing further support and information, reading through your posts, and responding to every single question. We take the time to connect to every single person in the group and provide leangthy, personalised answers, so that you get the support you need. Our aim through the course is that you never feel lost or unsupported in any way! At the end of the 12 weeks, certified practitioners will be moved into a new group to receive further support. 

What happens after I enroll? 

As soon as you enroll you will receive a confirmation email for your enrollment, as well as a link to join the private Facebook Group where the sessions will take place. 

How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?

Reading through the information, attending the live workshops, and completing the associated practices, shouldn’t take longer than three hours every week. This can vary to the degree to which you want to go even deeper by reflecting on the practices in your journal, sharing in the Facebook Group and contributing to the discussions there - which we strongly recommend. 

Will I get the value for my investment?

Yes. In fact, you will get much more value than what you’ll invest. 

Firstly, if you’re a professional within the spiritual field this course will give you an advantage in the industry. While popularity in elementals is rising, there currently aren’t there quality, impactful training courses to working with them. In Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course you’ll learn tools, processes, receive attunements, and do meditations never taught before, that you can start instantly using with your clients. 

If you’re not a spiritual professional and you’re doing this course just for you, consider the following: 

From a scale of 1 to 10, how fulfilled are you in your love life, finances, career, health, and mental state? Do things flow easily to you, or do you struggle your way to making things work? Is manifestation second nature for you, or are you still repeating the same affirmations over and over again wondering when they’ll start working? 

If your number was anything less than ten in any of these life areas, then come on in and join us in Elemental Healing Practitioner Course™, for ten out of ten it is your birth-given right, and that’s what you’ll get to experience by applying the wisdom in the course.  

What value would you assign to fulfilling relationships, financial abundance, living your soul’s purpose, perfect health, and clear intuitive guidance? When you consider this, you get to realise that the investment for Elemental Healing Practitioner Course™ is miniscule in the face of the results it’ll help you experience. 

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. Enroling to the Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course is risk free! If you're not satisfied with the programme we'll give you a full refund, within 14 days from your day of enrolment.

Do you have more questions?

It’s important to us that you feel good about making this investment in yourself, and we want you to have all the information you need to make a confident decision. If you have more questions about Elemental Healing™ Practitioner Course email us at george@georgelizos.com and we’ll get back to you on the same day. 

Elemental love,

Calista & George x

Copyright© Calista & George 2020