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James booked a Psychic Clearing session with me after suffering from persistent indigestion problems for months. As I scanned his aura during the session, I noticed a vivid, murky yellow hue surrounding his abdomen – a clear indicator of an imbalance in his gut energy.

Throughout the session, I guided James through a process of clearing, healing, and strengthening that particular area of his aura. The results were almost instant! The very next day, James messaged me, sharing that he had experienced a remarkable improvement in his indigestion issue, and this improvement continued in the days and weeks that followed.

Learning to see and scan your and other people’s auras is a powerful way of identifying energetic blocks that obstruct your health. Despite what you may think, doing so isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Psychic abilities don’t belong to the few gifted ones. We can all develop our inner vision no matter how talented we may be. All that’s needed are patience and the right techniques.

In my new YouTube series, I’ll share with you simple and practical tools and techniques you can use to see, cleanse, heal, and activate your aura. In the first video, I share three easy techniques for seeing your aura with your physical eyes.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • The essence and structure of your aura
  • How to prepare your energy to see your aura
  • Why it’s important to see your aura
  • 3 practical techniques for seeing your aura

Click here to watch the video and learn 3 ways of seeing your aura.

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