What Does It Mean to Have a Red Aura? πŸ”΄
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I feel that spiritually, red is one of the most misunderstood colors. We often symbolically associate it with anger, abuse, and aggression. While these could be aspects of it, there are many other layers that are very healthy and, in fact, beneficial.

For example, red is associated with the root chakra, carrying a great deal of vital life-force energy that helps us take action and follow our purpose. Moreover, red embodies masculine energy, assisting us in setting boundaries when needed and standing up for others when attacked.

Of course, excessive amounts of red can also be quite limiting…

Mark, a financial planning advisor, booked a psychic clearing session with me because he was feeling burned out. Although passionate about his work, he was working too hard and not taking breaks. His mind was always occupied with work, even when he wasn’t supposed to be working. When I scanned his aura, I observed a deep ruby red color.

This red energy was effective at keeping him focused and driven in his career, but it was overpowering all other aspects of his energy field. In other words, he had an excessive amount of red in his aura.

During our session, I helped Mark resolve the cognitive and energetic blocks contributing to his overdependence on work. I also assisted him in balancing the red color in his aura. As a result, Mark found a more balanced approach to his work, increasingly achieving harmony between his professional and personal life.

In the sixth video of my Aura Healing YouTube series, I explain what a red aura means and how to balance your aura when there is an excessive amount of this energy.

Specifically, in this video, you’ll learn:

  • The positive and negative qualities of red in the aura
  • Four shades of red and their meanings
  • How to cleanse and energize your aura
  • How to balance your aura when there is an excessive amount of red

Click here to learn what different shades of red in the aura mean.

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