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Teal is one of the most common colors I observe when scanning peopleโ€™s auras. This frequency is often due to my interactions with numerous healers; a teal aura is closely tied to healing and communication.ย 

As I was psychically scanning a clientโ€™s energy field the other day I noticed something quite intriguing โ€“ his aura displayed a darker shade of teal. This color indicated a potential imbalance in his energy field, and as we delved deeper into his experiences and emotions, it became evident that he was struggling with self-expression, creativity, and a sense of spiritual direction.

Using various energy clearing practices, we focused on restoring the vibrant, balanced teal energy in his aura. We worked on enhancing his communication skills, tapping into his creativity, and facilitating his spiritual growth. Over the course of our sessions, his aura gradually shifted to a brighter, more harmonious teal. As his self-expression flourished, he began to communicate more effectively in his personal and professional life. His creative talents blossomed, leading to newfound opportunities and projects.

Letโ€™s dive deeper into what a teal aura colour can mean for you, and how to conscious work with it for healing and transformation.

In this video, youโ€™ll discover:

  • The nature of your aura and its workings
  • Techniques to see your aura
  • The meanings behind teal in your aura
  • Methods to cleanse and fortify your aura

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