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What Does Your Aura Color Mean? πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™
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Have you ever had a picture of your aura taken? Over the years, people have brought their aura pictures to sessions with me, asked me about the meanings of specific colors in their auras, and sought advice on how they might use their aura pictures as part of their wellness and spiritual journeys.

Although I’ve never had my aura photographed and have no experience with electrophotography (the type of photography used to capture these images), I understand that these pictures predominantly represent what’s occurring in the second layer of the aura, known as the emotional layer.

The emotional layer of the aura possesses a fluid structure and is clairvoyantly seen as an ocean of rainbow colors. When our emotional state is balanced, all the colors are present and evenly distributed within that layer. However, when we’re experiencing challenges, whether short-term or long-term, certain colors become more prominent.

For instance, during a recent session, I noticed a prominent presence of yellow energy in my client’s aura, signifying strong intellectual activity. Upon further exploration, I perceived a depletion of life force energy in their sacral chakra, which suggested emotional suppression and a tendency to make decisions purely from a logical perspective, neglecting their inner emotional work.

Therefore, in the session, I implemented the necessary healing techniques to unblock and rebalance their aura and energy field, assisting my client in breaking free from stagnation.

After learning how to see your aura in my “How to See My Aura” post last week, I explain what each aura color signifies for you, your wellbeing, and spiritual journey in my new YouTube video.

Specifically, in the video, you’ll learn:

  • The nature of your auric field
  • How to see your aura with your physical eyes
  • How to cleanse and energize your aura
  • The meanings of aura colors, including the master aura colors: silver, gold, indigo, and white

Click here to watch the video and learn what your aura’s colors mean.

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