The Angels Fixed My Website


I don't believe in miracles. I rely on them.

I’m a control freak. This is an aspect of myself that I eventually embraced when I found out about my Enneagram personality type being The Perfectionist. I like getting things right and I hate making mistakes, hence I have the need to keep every area of, and situation in my life under control. Although my perfectionism allows me to get things done and has afforded me with a great deal of success, it sometimes blocks my experience of miracles – which can only occur through trust and surrender.

One area I haven’t yet managed to gain control of is the technical management of my website. A year ago I decided that I wouldn’t lose precious creative time meddling with tech stuff, and instead I’d hire people to deal with it. That meant handing over control of my website to someone else, something that my ego wasn’t very pleased with… In an attempt to soften my uneasiness and gain as much control as I could, I ended up hiring three website administrators, and keeping myself in a constant state of worry and alertness, fearing that my website would go down, get hacked, or get damaged in some way.

It was inevitable then, that the vibration of fear and uneasiness that I kept active within me would eventually manifest in real-life circumstances, that’s why I wasn’t surprised when my website’s design got stripped off last Wednesday morning. Panicked, I sent a frantic email to my web admins asking them to look into it, only to get a simplistic response saying that my website had gone into self-attack mode and the only solution would be to restore a back-up version.

How interesting that my own self-attack, in the form of lack of trust, was mirrored on my website.

Catapulted by fear but knowing that this was a call for me to heal, I decided to take a Higher approach. I affirmed my favourite Louise Hay affirmation for when something goes wrong, “Out of this situation only good will come. This is easily resolved to the highest good of all concerned. All is well and I’m safe,” and then thanked the angels for healing my website. I closed my eyes, and envisioned Archangel Michael instilling my website with white light, ensuring its protection and restoring it to its highest state.

It wasn’t two hours after I’d asked the angels for support that I checked my website to see that it had gone back to normal. I was flabbergasted! Checking with my web admin to ensure he wasn’t the one who fixed it, I let out a sigh of relief and let myself bask in the miracle. At that same time I was listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s Hay House World Summit interview when she said a quote that captured perfectly the state of being that I had ascended to:

“I don’t believe in miracles. I rely on them.”

Is it easy for you to trust that your goals and frustrations will be taken care of by a power higher than yourself? What techniques, prayers, or affirmations do you use do so? Share them with me in the comments below.


  • Lucas

    Wow, this is a really beautiful story!! =) I also love that quote! – “I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Really shows a lot of confidence!!

    You asked me for sharing my own experience, and I’m more than happy to do that!! =)

    However, I’m not in the habit of asking for help for specific things, so my aproach is a little different, and it is for the following reason.

    Of course, the biggest thing that ever happened to me was when money materialized in my pocket out of thin air. I would like to share this experience with you at a later point in great detail because it so amazing, but the important point right now is that the circumstances in this situation were CRYSTAL CLEAR to me: “this just really happened, life really is a dream, stuff can materialize for no apparent reason, so I really am immortal and there is nothing to fear, all is well, and so on. I felt such a rush of love and gratitude that I cannot even describe it.

    Nevertheless, I could not reproduce the event because I could not get my frequency up to this incredible height by will spontaneously, but the event took me on a journey of doing it slowly and steadily (mainly by relying on the “process” by robert scheinfeld, heavy use of gratitude, as well as deep inner work with “the work” of byron katie (love this woman!! <3) ).

    The point i'm trying to make is my realization that yes, life is a dream and it therefore responds to our thoughts, but one little thought/asking/wishing will not do much IF there is a wall of disbelief, distrust, negative thought (and once the wall is removed, you don't even have to ask).

    I therefore am not praying to my higher self or my angel guards, because I have too often done it and nothing happened (I will obviously give it a try again when I feel ready for it).

    However, while I am rarely reaching out to them, they are not shy to grab ME by the hand.

    One beautiful moment was after I went to the cinema to watch a very terrifying and frightening movie. I did like the movie and i found it very exciting, but I am so used to applying the "process" whenever I feel any "negative" emotions (including being scared or frightened of fearful) that I even applied it on the emotions that the movie produced within me – and those were quite heavy (btw., the process is basically just an efficient and simple way of shadow working where you allow yourself to feel the intensity of an emotion 100%).
    Well, I must have taken it a bit too far. I felt my aura pulsating, my heart screaming, my head getting really tense. But it must have raised my frequency quite a bit, and something must have used this opportunity, because after the cinema THIS happened:
    I started getting the sensation of my body moving by itself, me being in the passengers seat. I could have taken the wheel if I wanted, but I didn't. My legs moved all by themselves, my head turned left and right. I didn't do it. An invisible hand led me. And it would lead me home, yes, but first it wanted to show me something. Down to the subway.. Where will this lead me? There was a very directive, very decided nuance to it. And then it struck it's aim. A sentence on a poster jumped into my view:

    "How can you find something you never lost?"

    I smiled. "Alright higher self, I get it. We never left heaven. We're only dreaming we are in hell." And my heart responded with a rush of gratitude.

    • Lucas, I always enjoy reading your fascinating stories! Please, keep them coming. I absolutely understand what you mean with “Not praying for help.” Notice that, in my website story I didn’t say “Please, angels help me”; instead I affirmed, “Thank you for helping me.” This is because, as you said even a glimpse of disbelief will interfere with the manifestation process; hence I affirmed the result as if it was already given to me. 😉

      Your subway story is astonishing! It’s such a powerful story of being, literally, led by your Higher Self to the answer you needed to hear. You are a great manifestor, and you should keep affirming that by sharing your stories with the world.


  • Hi George!

    I LOVED THIS POST! Your email came into my inbox at the right time! It must have been divinely orchestrated. I do not know how else to explain it. But, i wanted to share because I just had a similar experience this last weekend!

    I spilled water all over my laptop on Thursday night and it completely shut down. I took it to the technician and they asked me whether I tried to turn on my laptop after the spill and I said yes.

    He then said, ‘no you should have not done that! Now there’s a definite chance that your laptop is damaged, because the insides of your laptop was wet and trying to turn it on would do more damage.’

    Of course my heart fell to the ground. He then proceeded to take the cover off the bottom part of my laptop and said, ‘Leave your laptop standing like this, near a heater, and let it dry over the weekend, on Monday, come back to me and fingers crossed your laptop will turn on.’

    So, I followed and did what he said. Over the weekend, I kept on praying and saying, please God heal my laptop, heal my laptop, heal my laptop and sent it positive energy. Then your email came on Monday morning, just as I was about to go to the technician, and in my head, I thought this must be a sign. So, I prayed again and asked God, even though it seems illogical, please heal my laptop.

    and when I went to the technician, my laptop turned on. and what was more amazing was that the technician examined the insides of the laptop and said to me, ‘You know, you must be a very lucky girl, not just very lucky, but very very very lucky, because in most cases there would be at least some kind of damage to the keyboard, but your laptop did not have any damage at all.’

    In my head and heart i was saying, ‘I don’t think I’m lucky, I think God healed my laptop.’ It was a miracle indeed.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story George! I wanted to ask if I can link your post to a blog post I am about to write for tomorrow Wednesday? i want to share my experiences in how we need and must trust in a Higher Power and that that they are taking care of us, and sometimes illogical experiences pop up into our lives to remind us that God and His angels are always there ready to lend a hand. It would be so great to link your blog post within the post to give readers another perspective and experience.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Love, Gaby

    • YES! People who trust in angels are indeed very very very very lucky. 😉

      What an inspiring story, Gaby! I loved how my own story came at just the right time to give you your sign, so that you could trust. I’ve found that as we get closer to trusting the angels more, they bring on their game and send us an abundance of signs to safeguard that trust. And you did it!

      Of course you can link my post, and then you should share it with me on Instagram.

      Sending you lots of love, George. x