How to heal ancestral wounds
How to Heal Ancestral Trauma
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My childhood is filled with family stories of war, pain, and displacement. Although I’ve never been a war victim myself, I live on an island that’s still bleeding, both energetically and literally, from the 1974 war during which Turkey occupied the northern part of Cyprus.

Ancestral Trauma (also known as intergenerational trauma) refers to trauma that is transferred from trauma survivors to their descendants. People experiencing this may have emotional and psychological symptoms, fears, and limiting beliefs experienced by previous generations, which prevent them from living fulfilling lives and following their life purpose.

When someone experiences trauma their body goes into survival mode to cope, activating a trauma response such as a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. Their DNA activates certain genes to help them during stressful times. When the trauma remains unresolved and the trauma response persists, these genes are passed down to the future generations to prepare them for possible traumatic events.

In other words, many of your persistent fears and limiting beliefs, chronic anxiety, or unhealthy responses to life’s stresses and other situations, may be linked to beliefs, fears, and traumas that your ancestors have experienced (not limited to just parents and grandparents).

To fully heal these blocks, you need to identify and resolve the ancestral wounds, traumas, and conditioning that are currently affecting you. By doing so, you not only heal yourself, but you also help heal your ancestors and future generations, breaking a chain of trauma that affects many.

I first consciously realized I was hindered by transgenerational trauma in my early twenties. Passionate about pursuing my purpose and launching my spiritual business, I constantly found myself feeling less than my peers and unworthy of success.

As I explored my triggers, I realized that many of my limiting beliefs resulted from deep-seated familial and ancestral traumas, wounds, and conditioning. Determined to find freedom, I embarked on a long healing journey, identifying, releasing, and reprogramming my belief system.

Today, I feel blessed to have freed myself from a significant amount of ancestral conditioning and to guide others to do the same through my psychic clearing sessions and workshops, such as the Ancestral Healing online workshop.

In the Ancestral Healing workshop, you’ll get to incorporate the energetic and cognitive dimensions to resolve the ancestral wounds, traumas, and conditioning that are currently preventing you from being your authentic self and following your life purpose.

By the end of the workshop, you’d have identified and healed the specific fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs you’ve inherited from your ancestors, and have created new, supportive beliefs to guide your journey forward.

If you’re ready to heal generations’ worth of hurt and trauma, click here to get instant access to the Ancestral Healing workshop.

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