A 2-Hour Online Workshop to Heal Ancestral Wounds, Patterns and Intergenerational Trauma that Hold You Back.

Have you been trying to heal certain fears or limiting beliefs for years, but they still creep up on you?

Have your ancestors experienced trauma, oppression, or other adverse experiences?

Do you experience anxiety, sudden anger, hypervigilance, or other PTSD symptoms that don’t seem to stem from your daily experiences? 

Ancestral Trauma (also known as intergenerational trauma) refers to trauma that is transferred from trauma survivors to their descendants. People experiencing this may have emotional and psychological symptoms, fears, and limiting beliefs experienced by previous generations, which prevent them from living fulfilling lives and following their life purpose.

What Does Ancestral Trauma Look Like?

When someone experiences trauma their body goes into survival mode to cope, activating a trauma response such as a fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. Their DNA activates certain genes to help them during stressful times. When the trauma remains unresolved and the trauma response persists, these genes are passed down to the future generations to prepare them for possible traumatic events.

In other words, many of your persistent fears and limiting beliefs, chronic anxiety, or unhealthy responses to life’s stresses and other situations, may be linked to beliefs, fears, and traumas that your ancestors have experienced (not limited to just parents and grandparents).

To fully heal these blocks, you need to identify and resolve the ancestral wounds, traumas, and conditioning that are currently affecting you. By doing so, you not only heal yourself, but you also help heal your ancestors and future generations, breaking a chain of trauma that affects many.

Ancestral Healing is a 2-hour online workshop during which we’ll use a combination of cognitive and energetic practices, to heal and resolve ancestral fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs that stop you from following your life purpose and living a fulfilling life.

Inside this transformational 2-hour workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Understand Why You Are The Way You Are

You’ll no longer wonder why you think, feel, or act the way you do. As you uncover the ancestral connections between the way you behave and your ancestral history, you’ll be able to identify your trauma responses and release them.

– 2 –

Resolve Long-Standing Fears and Limiting Beliefs

I’ll guide you through a process of identifying your “sticky” fears and limiting beliefs and link them to ancestral traumas, so you can fully heal them.

– 3 –

Heal Anxiety, Anger, Hypervigilance and Other PTSD Symptoms

As a Certified Trauma Specialist and advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner, I’ll guide you through cognitive practices to release adverse emotional and psychological symptoms related to your ancestral conditioning.

– 4 –

Heal The Energetic Imprints of Your Ancestral Wounds

We’ll use energy healing practices and meditations to clear the energetic cords connecting you to ancestral traumas and conditioning.

– 5 –

Create New, Positive Beliefs that Support Your Purpose

Having healed the hurts, wounds, and traumas that held you back, we’ll plant energetic seeds of new, supportive beliefs that will help you follow and fulfil your purpose.

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from ancestral traumas and conditioning that keep you stuck.

“George has a real talent for breaking complex spiritual concepts down and providing practical tools that are easy to use in your day-to-day life.”

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author of Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle

“George Lizos is a true spiritual teacher. He comes from the heart and has ways of connecting with spirits that are as surprising as they are powerful. I truly believe you are lucky to have found him!”

Yasmin Boland

Bestselling author of Moonology

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Light and peaceful, as you’d have shed tonnes of weight in hurt, traumas, and limiting beliefs that you’ve inherited from your ancestors.
  • Wiser and inspired for learning lifetimes’ worth of soul lessons. You’ll have an awakened perspective on life, other people, and your soul’s journey.
  • Uplifted and connected to Source. You’d have not only released past hurts, but also created new, positive contracts, and attuned yourself to the frequency of your highest potential.

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from ancestral traumas and conditioning that keep you stuck!

A Personal Invitation From George…

Lightworker, the healing process is multi-dimensional.

 The world has conditioned us to think of healing as physical, emotional, or cognitive. However, there are also energetic and spiritual dimensions that remain largely unexplored.

To truly and fully heal the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck (and to help your children and future generations heal, too), you need to address all healing dimensions.

In the Ancestral Healing workshop, we’ll incorporate the energetic and cognitive dimensions to resolve the ancestral wounds, traumas, and conditioning that are currently preventing you from being your authentic self and following your life purpose.

By the end of the workshop, you’d have identified and healed the specific fears, traumas, and limiting beliefs you’ve inherited from your ancestors, and have created new, supportive beliefs to guide your journey forward.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you.

All my love,

George x


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