Ancient Greek New Moon Ritual
🌙 Ancient Greek New Moon Ritual
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In this week’s podcast episode, I continue my series based on my book Secrets of Greek Mysticism and introduce the ancient Greek new moon ritual known as the Noumenia.

According to Plutarch, the Noumenia was “the holiest of days”, and it was a time during which no governmental or other festivals would take place. Instead, people focused on setting intentions for the month ahead, cleaning the household altar, and setting the energy for the moon’s cycle. 

What astounded me when I first started researching the ancient Greeks’ relationship with the moon was that, not only did they honour the moon during the new and full phase, but they honoured a different god on almost every single day of the moon’s cycle.

In Secrets of Greek Mysticism, I guide you through a step-by-step process to performing the Noumenia ritual, and in the podcast episode I explain how to introduce a manifestation practice into the Noumenia ritual.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The gods and goddesses associated with the New Moon
  • The auspicious and inauspicious days of the moon’s cycle
  • How to set the right intentions during the new moon
  • What Greek gods and goddesses to work with to manifest your desires during the new moon

Click here to listen to the episode and learn how to practice the ancient Greek new moon ritual.

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