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How to Choose Your Word for the New Year
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One of my favorite practices at the beginning of a new year is to choose the word of the year.

The word of the year is a term that captures the essence of how you want the year to unfold. It should energetically sum up how you want to feel and what you want to manifest in the new year.

For example, my word for 2023 was “blossom” 🌷. I chose this word because I wanted to blossom in all areas of my life – my career, hobbies, health, and relationships.

My word for 2024 is “rebirth.” I feel that I’ve changed so much this past year in all aspects of life, that I’m entering the new year as a completely different person. I want to fully step into this new version of myself, so “rebirth” is the perfect word for me.

What’s your word for the new year? To help you figure it out, I’ve come up with a series of journal prompts. These questions will help you review the past year, reflect on your journey, and focus on what you want to create in the new year.

  1. What were the highlights and achievements of the past year?
  2. What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?
  3. List memorable experiences and the lessons learned from them.
  4. Describe your key intentions for the upcoming year.
  5. What habits or routines were beneficial, and which ones would you like to change?
  6. Identify relationships that enriched your life and those that may need attention.
  7. What are you grateful for from the past year?

Take out your journal, sit in a quiet space, and answer the questions without overthinking it. Once you’re done, your word of the year should be apparent. Write it down in your journal, or even stick it on your wall or somewhere you’ll see it daily to guide you through the year.

Wishing you a fun and exciting new year!

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