A 60-Minute Psychic Clearing Journey and Energetic Attunement to Manifest a Healthy, Successful and Abundant New Year 

How do you feel at the end of the year?

If you’re like most lightworkers, you most likely feel…

  • A need to go within, to reflect, hibernate, and reset your energy.
  • A little disappointed that you didn’t take as much action as you’d have hoped for towards your life purpose, and wondering where the time went.
  • Still held back by those same fears and limiting beliefs, that keep you from living a fulfilling and authentic life.
  • Drained by certain toxic people and relationships in your life, and mustering the courage to set stronger boundaries in the new year.

Most importantly, you feel committed to starting the new year with fresh energy. You’re ready to cleanse your energy from what holds you back and enter 2024 feeling energetically pure, authentic, and aligned.

You want to start the new year feeling:

Cleansed of external, toxic energies that mess up your vibe. 

Liberated from the fears, conditioning and limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

Free from toxic people and relationships that drain you. 

Close your eyes briefly and imagine how the ideal 2024 would look like without the fears, limiting beliefs, and relationships that held you back. You’d have clarity as to what your life purpose was, a clear path to following it, and the confidence you needed to take inspired action towards it. 

Free from the fears that previously held you back, you’d take fearless action towards your desires and have a group of supportive people around you that encouraged and cheered you on. 

Wouldn’t that make an EPIC year?

If you’re ready to make it a reality, I’d love to invite you to join me for Energy Reset. In this 60-minute online workshop, I’ll guide you through my personal process of clearing and attuning my energy before the new year starts, to set myself up for success. By the end of this workshop, you’d have cleansed your energy from fears, limiting beliefs, and toxic relationships, and set powerful intentions for 2024. 


Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Clear the Energy of Fears, Conditioning, and Limiting Beliefs

Whether it’s low self-confidence, the impostor syndrome, fear of judgement, or something else, you’ll get to identify and release the energy of the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from following your purpose. 

– 2 –

Cut Cords to Toxic Relationships

Think about how much more energy you’d have if you were free from all the toxic relationships that drained you. We’ll utilise psychic clearing practices to cut the energetic cords of these relationships so you can easily create strong boundaries and protect your energetic sovereignty.

– 3 –

Cleanse Spirit and Energy Attachments That Harm Your Health

Our energy field often gets cluttered with external energetic attachments and low level spirits we’ve encountered in physical and online spaces we’ve been in. These harmful energies block our energy flow and lower our vibration. We’ll use practices to identify and release them, to create lasting health and vitality.

– 4 –

Download Intuitive Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are always with you, guiding you to living your best life. You’ll meet your guides and receive vibrational attunements and guidance about the specific action steps you need to take to manifest your chosen 2024 timeline. 

– 5 –

Plant Your 2024 Desires In Your Energy Field

You’ll learn powerful energetic practices to infuse your energy with the vibration of your desires, and call in helpful people, organisations, and spirit guides, to speed-up their manifestation.

Enroll for just £19 ($21) now, to cleanse and reset your energy for the new year.

“George really helped me clear the blocks that were affecting my ability to just be. The effect was immediate, after two days of headaches, emotional release and aches in my body, I felt better than I had in years. I also felt more grounded and more comfortable in my own body. I can’t thank George enough for his work and kindness.” 

Katherine Shenton


“I discovered George Lizos from his Protect Your Light Book, which provides practical energy protection tips. I wanted to dive deeper and booked some additional sessions with him. I got my chakras cleared, ancestral patterns cleared, did a past life regression, and some trauma work to return me to a state of wholeness that I’ve never experienced before. My lifelong anxiety is gone as I’ve shifted into a peaceful state. Thank you George for your expertise and effectiveness. 

Grace Van


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

            • A deep sense of relief, as you’d have released years’, and even lifetimes, worth of fears and limiting beliefs that hindered your well-being.
            • Safe and loved, as you’d have met a group of healing guides who have your back, see your true potential and work tirelessly to help you reach it.
            • High-vibe and aligned. Having released toxic energetic blocks and attachments, upgraded your energetic software, and raised your vibration, you’ll feel aligned to Source and your inner being. 

            Enroll for just £19 ($21) now, to cleanse and reset your energy for the new year.

            A Personal Invitation From George…

            Your aura is constantly absorbing energy. This could be energy from other people, spaces (both physical and digital ones), and the energy of fears and limiting beliefs. 

            Additional to the energy it absorbs daily, you already have toxic energetic attachments you created in past lives, conditioning you’ve inherited from your ancestors, or low level spirits that have managed to hack your energy field. 

            Unless you consciously tune in to cleanse these external energy attachments, they’ll lower your vibration and prevent you from living the abundant and purposeful life you deserve to have. 

            Although it’s important to cleanse your energy on a daily basis, it’s especially important to do a deeper energy cleanse before a new year starts. This way, you not only prepare your energy for the new year, but you also get to plant your intentions and desires into your energetic field, so you can speed up their manifestation. 

            Join me as I share with you the energy clearing and attuning practice I do every December, to ensure I experiene a healthy, successful, and abundant year!

            I’m excited to see you there,

            George x



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