3 shields to raise your vibrations
3 Shields to Raise Your Vibration
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One of the main reasons people book Psychic Clearing sessions with me is because they feel stuck in one or more areas of their lives.

Usually, as I tune into their energy field I find that the source of their stuckness is rooted in childhood trauma, past-life hurts, ancestral conditioning, or some kind of psychic attack or spirit attachment.

Apart from clearing these blocks I also spend a good amount of time helping people raise their vibration and keep it that way, as that’s the most important form of protection against energetic attacks.

You see, the more consistently high your vibration, the more protected you are from external negativity. Nothing can mess with a high-vibe aura!

While there are many practices for raising your vibration, I wanted to share with you my three most powerful energy shields that can help you do so.

It’s best to use one of these daily, at the beginning of the day, for maximum effectiveness:

  1. Rainbow Ray Shield: This shield contains all colors of your chakras. Thus, it raises the frequency of all seven chakras individually and simultaneously strengthens the seven layers of your aura (which correspond to the chakras).
  2. Rose Flower Shield: This involves visualizing yourself surrounded by a rose-colored energy shield filled with pink roses. Roses have one of the highest vibrational frequencies, so working with their spirit and energy is a great way to raise your vibration.
  3. Celestite Shield: Celestite crystals help raise your vibration by connecting you to the angelic and higher spiritual realms. You can either use an actual crystal to create a shield around you or simply call upon the oversoul of the crystal and visualize it projecting a vibrational shield around your aura, raising your vibration.

If you want to learn how to protect your energy by working with the Greek gods and goddesses (Goddess Athena is great for that!), you can read more about it in my latest book Secrets of Greek Mysticism

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