Pendulum for Reiki and Energy Healing
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I believe that our body is our most powerful energy-healing tool. That’s why in my book Protect Your Light, I share primarily somatic and meditation-based practices to cleansing and protecting your energy.

That being said, energy healing tools can be used to support and amplify our energy healing skills.  

So far in the six-part Pendulum YouTube series, I’ve shared how to use pendulums for divination and dowsing. In this sixth and final video, I talk more about how you can use pendulums for Reiki and energy healing.  

When I used to do in-person psychic clearing and space clearing sessions, I’d usually take my pendulum and use it as a way of both scanning for, and clearing, energetic blockages.  

Rather than depending on the pendulum to give me the answers, it was more like a more sensitive extension of my hand that allowed me to easily tap into the energy of a place. Eventually, I learned to use my hand as a pendulum, but I still use my pendulum once in a while to confirm what I receive intuitively.  

Have you used a pendulum for healing before? Whether you’re an energy healing pro or newbie, using a pendulum is one of the easiest ways you can use to both scan for, and send, energy.  

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • How to tune your pendulum to reading energy
  • A 3-step practice of healing with a pendulum
  • How to clear negative energy using a pendulum
  • Ways of working with your pendulum to restore balance in your body

Click here to learn how to amplify your Reiki or energy healing skills by using a pendulum.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing my top practices to develop your intuitive abilities, so you can use pendulums more effectively. Download it at  

Watch the entire Pendulum series here:

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