Asking the Right Pendulum Questions
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Pendulums are perhaps the easiest divination tools to use to get clear Yes/No or other binary answers. However, asking the wrong question, or asking the right question in the wrong way, can completely mislead you or lead you down the wrong path.

As I continue my 6-part YouTube video series on Pendulum Divination, I wanted to give you my top tips on asking the right questions, so that you can get clear and accurate answers to your questions.

For example, are there any specific phrases you can use when asking questions? How about the amount of detail you add to your questions? Also, what stage of mind should you be in when asking a question?

Click here to get answers to all of these questions so you can master pendulum divination.

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to test your pendulum questions before you ask them
  • Plug-in phrases to asking the right questions
  • How to get into the right state-of-mind before asking a question
  • My favourite pendulum to use and why

Click here to watch the video and learn hacks to asking the right pendulum questions.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing my top practices to develop your intuitive abilities, so you can use pendulums more effectively. Download it at

Watch the entire Pendulum series here:

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