Pendulum for Dowsing: How to Find Lost Things at Home
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Three years ago, my little puppy Lulu 🐶 went missing. While at a relative’s house she panicked and ran away, and we spent three days searching for her.  

My entire family was out in the streets calling her name, putting up posters; we even made radio announcements. We’d occasionally spot her, but she’d escape in panic.  

I was distraught and could barely sleep at night.  

On day three, sleep-deprived and desperate, I decided that that would be the day we’d find her. I took out my pendulum, centered, grounded, and connected, and started asking questions.  

My mum (who’s also quite psychic but hasn’t really developed it), equally desperate, sat in meditation and tried to visually locate her, too.  

Interestingly, our combined psychic focus worked! We were both in communication with my brother who was on the streets searching, and we’d share our psychic hits with him.  

“Search for a white building with red windows. I can see her sitting there, scared.”, my mum would implore him.  

“The pendulum says, ‘turn right’!”, I’d add. 

Long story short, and a few psychic hits later, my pendulum’s directions and mum’s psychic visions led my brother straight to Lulu, who was trapped in a ditch out in the fields. 

Although I’d always known how powerful pendulums were in giving clear and accurate answers, I’d never actually used them to locate things until that moment.  

Since then, I’ve used my pendulum to locate lost items in the house, find underground water, and scan houses for geopathic stress.  

In the fifth of six videos in my Pendulum YouTube series, I share how to use pendulums for dowsing to locate missing items.  

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • The different types of dowsing
  • How to use a map with your pendulum
  • Ways of using your pendulum to locate things
  • How to ensure your pendulum answers are accurate

Click here to watch the video and learn how to locate anything using a pendulum.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing my top practices to develop your intuitive abilities, so you can use pendulums more effectively. Download it at

Watch the entire Pendulum series here:

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