How to Use a Pendulum for Divination
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I got my first pendulum when I was 17 years old, and it was love at first sight! 

 It was a relatively small amethyst pendulum that I’d bought from the single crystal shop in my hometown. Being at the start of my spiritual journey, that pendulum was my single source of connection with the spirit world, at the time. 

 I remember sitting on my bed at night, connecting with its energy and asking questions about boys, school exams, and decisions I had to make. I loved how easy it was to use, and the guidance I received always guided me towards the best direction.  

Although my pendulum served me well for the binary questions I asked then, I later found out that its uses were, truly, limitless! 

This week, I’m launching a brand new, 6-part video series all about working with pendulums for divination, dowsing, and healing. 

Whether you’re a pendulum newbie or a pro, you’ll learn tips and practices that’ll help elevate your relationship with your pendulum. If you don’t have a pendulum yet, I also give guidance on selecting the right one for you and share my current favourite type of pendulum (I bet you haven’t used this type, yet!) 

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The way pendulums work 
  • How to cleanse and program your pendulum 
  • How to choose the right pendulum for you 
  • Tips on asking the right questions 
  • Different ways of using your pendulum for divination

Click here to watch the video and learn how to use pendulums to get answers to important questions.

 I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing my top practices to develop your intuitive abilities, so you can use pendulums more effectively. Download it at  

Watch the entire Pendulum series here:

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