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Halloween Fairy Village 🧚‍♂️ | Are Fairies Real?
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Hi, I'm George!

You have a purpose that can help change the world, and I'm here to help you find and follow it. 

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This is a side of me you haven’t seen before.

If you think that by watching my YouTube videos, listening to my podcasts, and consuming my social media content, you know me… think again. 😜

So, let me introduce more of myself. Specifically, let me introduce my funny, crazy, and slightly unfiltered side.

I’ve been wanting to film my spiritual adventures in fun vlogs for a while now but I am always held up, until now.

Starting today, I’ll be sharing more casual spiritual videos (still packed with lots of teaching content) of my adventures as I visit temples, have spiritual experiences, try out new modalities, and have deep conversations.

We’re starting off with my Halloween Fairy Village Adventure at one of my favourite botanical parks!

Click here to explore the fairy village and get lost with me in a magical, Halloween maze.

Specifically, in this vlog you’ll get to:

  • Learn about the fairy world and how to connect with nature spirits
  • Find out what my Hogwarts house is (it probably isn’t what you think!)
  • Sing along to the theme song of ‘New Girl’
  • Go herb shopping with me (you’ll learn the perfect herb to use for eczema)

Watch the video to join my Halloween Fairy Village adventure here.

Learn how to connect with the nature spirits with these videos:

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