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What is Past Life Regression? ?? | Past Lives Meaning
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A couple of months ago, I guided the most accurate past-life regression I’ve witnessed.

As we entered her past life in 1700s Paris she started sobbing uncontrollably, heart-broken following her husband’s death. Having remarried to a military leader, she ended up spending a great deal of time alone, feeling sad and unfulfilled that she couldn’t be with her lover. 

“George, I got the sense that I was Napoleon’s wife, but surely that’s wrong. Right? Doesn’t everyone think they were someone famous in their past life?” she said at the end of our session, and I confirmed that that could indeed be her ego’s work…

But, it wasn’t!

10 minutes later, I get a message from my client with a link to this Wikipedia page about Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s second wife. 

I kid you not – every single detail, including the name, nickname, marital history, dates, and cause of death that she mentioned in the regression, were on the Wikipedia page. 

Thankfully, the regression was filmed and I’ll share it with you soon. 

I share this with you to help you understand that past life regression is not a form of spiritual entertainment. My client was able to heal deep past-life trauma that she experienced in her past life, still affecting her in her present life. 

To help you experience the magic of past life regression, I’ve filmed a 6-part past lives video series that I’ll share with you bi-weekly.

In the first video, we get to bust the most popular past life regression myths and learn 3 surprising ways you can use regression to transform your life. 

Watch the video to learn 3 surprising benefits of past life regression + bust the most popular myths. 

When you’re done watching, be sure to catch the complete past lives training series:

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