Past Lives Connections ?‍?‍?‍? | Signs You’ve Met Someone From a Past Life
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Have you ever wondered whether you’ve had past lives with your friends, family, and partner? 

How about with your acquaintances and people you meet on a daily basis? 

This year, I’ve consciously put more focus on one-on-one sessions rather than on online workshops, because I wanted to research and deepen my understanding of certain concepts, including past lives. 

In the second video of my 5-part past lives series, I share with you my findings around past lives connections and relationships. 

I explore the concept of having a soul family and explain how you can find out whether you’ve had past lives with your loved ones. 

Watch the full video to explore your past lives connections and relationships. 

Specifically, in this video, I answer questions such as: 

  • Have you and your family, friends, or partners had past lives together?
  • Are your current relationships affected by your past life relationships?
  • Can you heal our current relationships by healing your past life relationships?

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