Meet Your Past Lives Soul Mates ?
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Do you want to meet your past life soulmate, and even invite them to come find you in the present lifetime? 

Are you wondering if your current mate is your soulmate and whether you’ve had past lives together?

The third of five video in my new Past Life Healing YouTube video series, is all about meeting our past life soulmates. 

In my experience with regressing people to experience their past lives over the past 10 years, I’ve concluded that we incarnate in soul groups. 

These soul groups consist of souls who chose to spend a number of lifetimes for the purpose of learning and growing together. 

From this perspective, the people closest to you in the current life are probably part of your soul group, and your relationships form part of the assignments you came here to complete together. 

By exploring your relationships with your soulmates in your past lives, you get to heal unresolved issues and traumas, get a better understanding of the evolution of your relationships, so you can speed up your growth journey. 

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn: 

  • More details about your soul group, and how to identify them in your life
  • How to invite a romantic past life soulmate in your life
  • Ways of healing your past life relationships to speed up your soul growth
  • How to use past life regression to heal your soulmate relationships

Watch the video on YouTube to explore your past life soulmate relationships. 

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