Past Lives Birthmarks and How to Recognize Them
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Let’s talk birthmarks, and specifically past life birthmarks. 

I hadn’t considered that the birthmarks we have could be related to our past lives until I’d witnessed it. 

A few years ago I had a client that came to me with a serious case of eczema. I had a hunch it could be connected to a past life so I took her through a past life regression to explore further. 

We discovered that in a past life she was a boy who was beaten up violently with chains by his dad so that his entire body was covered in scars. In the current lifetime, these scars manifested in the form of eczema. 

Although this isn’t a birthmark story, it demonstrates how traumatic events in a past life can create physical symptoms and marks on our present-life body. 

Birthmarks work in a similar way, and in my new YouTube video, I delve deeper into the mechanics of how and why they manifest, what the different types are, and how to resolve the original trauma. 

Specifically, in the video you’ll learn:

  • The 4 types of past life birthmarks 
  • How to recognize past life birthmarks
  • How past life birthmarks are created
  • How to heal the trauma behind the birthmark

Click here to watch the video and learn all about past life birthmarks. 

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