🌲 Tree Fairies and Dryads of a Redwood Forest – Cantabria, Spain Part II
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In the second vlog of my adventures in northern Spain, we explore the Bosque de Sequoyas (redwood forest) in Cantabria. I’ve always had a fascination with trees; I’ve taught about them in the Elemental Healing Practitioner Course, in my book Protect Your Light, and I also have a free tree dryad meditation you can use to deepen your connection with them.

Ever since I was a kid, I’d venture out in nature and make friends with the trees in my neighbourhood. I had a special relationship with an Acacia tree that I’d found comfort in after feeling down or getting bullied at school. I’d always leave feeling calm and refreshed. Since then, I’ve studied the science and social nature of trees and also connected with their spirits, the tree fairies and dryads, energetically.

Watch the video to learn:Β 

  • Who the tree fairies and dryads are and what they can help you with
  • The healing benefits of redwood trees
  • How trees can help you cleanse and strengthen your energy
  • How trees communicate with one another

Watch the video to meet the tree fairies and dryads of a redwood forest.

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