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Self love has become a buzzword, usually associated with treating yourself to a chocolate, having bubble baths, or taking yourself out on a date. 

Although these are all activities that help boost our love and appreciation towards ourselves, self-love is more than just that…

It all really depends on how your relationship with yourself has been so far.

Personally, up until the age of 15 years old my relationship with myself was anything but loving. Instead, it was rooted in judgement, comparison, and self-loathing. 

As I started on my self-love journey, I had to teach myself what self-love was. For me, it was about setting boundaries with people, learning to talk to myself with kindness, even getting comfortable looking at myself in the mirror. 

Every person’s self-love journey is different. What does yours look like? 

Nowadays, after having worked through some of the deeper issues, my self-love practice is very different. It’s spending quality time with myself, hanging out with people that value me, and making decisions that are in alignment with my purpose. 

What’s been consistent in all renditions of my self-love practice over the years, was working with crystals. Crystals have so many uses and qualities that they can accompany us in whatever it is we’re working on.

There are crystals that help us release self-judgement. 

Crystals that help us set strong boundaries.

Crystals that help us connect with the love that is us

Simply said, whatever it is you’re working through right now on your journey to loving yourself more deeply, there’s a crystal for it!

In the final installment of my eight-part Healing Crystals video series, I share with you my top 3 crystals to deepen your self-love. 

Watch the video and learn my top-3 crystals for self love. 

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn: 

  • How to use crystals to heal self-judgement
  • A crystal that can help you release resentment, including resentment towards yourself
  • How different crystals help you achieve different states of self-love
  • What crystal to use to awaken and amplify the love within you

Click here to watch the video and learn how to work with crystals for self-love.

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to choose the right crystals for different areas of your life at

Watch the entire healing crystals series here: 

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