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I know you’re tired of all the click bait articles promising to teach you how to manifest money fast (I am, too!) – I promise, this isn’t one of them! 😉 

The truth is, manifesting financial abundance takes more than trying a new meditation, creating a vision board, or holding a crystal. Spiritual processes are powerful catalysts for manifesting abundance (and everything we want to create in our lives), but they can only work to the degree that we do.

Crystals work in the same way. Manifesting money with crystals isn’t just about using crystals as lucky charms. It’s about using crystals as tools to access, heal, and release your traumas and limiting beliefs that prevent you from experiencing abundance. 

That’s why, in my latest video of my Healing Crystal series (this is the sixth out of eight), I share with you my top three crystals for manifesting abundance… by doing the inner work. 

Can you guess which crystals I’ve chosen? Make a mental note right now, and then watch the video to find out.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn: 

  • The best crystal to release limiting beliefs around money
  • What crystal helped my client manifest $1000 in 24 hours
  • Different ways of working with crystals to attract wealth and success
  • How to use crystals to become a money magnet

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to choose the right crystals for different areas of your life at 

Watch the entire healing crystals series here: 

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