protection from evil eye
Protection From Evil Eye
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Let me tell you about the time I got so badly psychically attacked that I was in bed for almost two weeks…

It all started when I was invited to talk about setting New Year’s Resolutions on national TV, in my home country. I had half a day to prepare before going live the following morning, at 6:30 am.

On the actual day, I was so focused on getting ready and going over my notes that I’d forgotten to adequately shield and protect my energy.

The show went great! The presenters loved what I had to share and I felt good about it, too. And then, it hit me…

As soon as I stepped off the set, I started getting dizzy, had a terrible headache, and felt pressure in my chest and tension in my stomach. By the time I went home I was terribly ill and had to stay in bed for almost two weeks.

I’d soon realized what had happened: I’d been psychically attacked. I went on TV without any energetic protection and exposed myself to anyone’s incoming thoughts or feelings about what I had to say.

The psychic attack goes by many names. In the Mediterranean and West Asia where I live it’s known as the evil eye (mati in Greek). Other people call it ill-wishing or simply psychic or energetic attack.

Essentially, the evil eye is when someone sends an intense wave of negative energy towards you, usually anger or jealousy. If your energy is unprotected, this toxic energy of attack can penetrate your energy field and affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In the fourth of eight videos of my Energy Protection video series centred around my book Protect Your Light, I go into more detail as to what the evil eye is and how to effectively protect yourself from it.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • What the evil eye is and how it can affect you
  • How your energy immune system works
  • Powerful practices to protect from ill-wishing
  • How to work with amulets and talismans for protection

Click here to watch the video and learn how to protect yourself from psychic attacks. 

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing the 3 most common types of negative energy and how to protect from them. Download it at

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