How to Cleanse Your Aura
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Did you know that aside from your physical immune system you also have an energy immune system?

Your energy immune system is primarily made up of your chakra and auric systems, and it monitors the flow of energy between your physical and spiritual bodies.

Your physical and energetic immune systems are interconnected so that whatever happens in one affects the other, too. For example, all your fears, limiting beliefs, and physical conditions, are also connected to an energetic imbalance within your chakras and aura. By consciously tending to your energy immune system, you escalate the healing process.

In the fifth of eight videos of my Energy Protection YouTube series centred around my new book Protect Your Light, we specifically focus on the aura, and I share powerful practices you can use to cleanse and strengthen it.  

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • The importance of tending to your energetic hygiene
  • The 7 layers of your aura and what they correspond to
  • How to leverage nature for energy protection
  • Earth-based practices to cleanse your aura

Click here to watch the video and learn how to effectively cleanse your aura.

I’ve also created a FREE guide sharing the 3 most common types of negative energy and how to protect from them. Download it at

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