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How Long Does Spiritual Ascension Take?

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What is Spiritual Ascension?

Spiritual Ascension is your soul’s journey of evolution through its many lifetimes. Each lifetime you have is a step towards growing, evolving, and becoming enlightened.

You know you’ve reached a developed stage in your ascension journey when you’re able to receive clear answers to life’s big questions, such as:

Why are we here?

What is the purpose of life?

What is consciousness?

Spiritual Ascension Process

Not everyone can achieve spiritual ascension in their current lifetime, as spiritual awakening has to do with the soul’s evolution over a series of lifetimes.

Then again, if in your current lifetime you felt drawn to learn about and explore the subject of spiritual ascension, chances are you’re ready to experience a higher level of it.

Apart from answering the question of, “How long does spiritual ascension take?” in the following video I share the number one step you can take in this lifetime to speed up your spiritual enlightenment journey.


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Free Life Purpose Guide:

Life Purpose Intensive Workshop:


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