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How to Forgive Yourself In 3 Steps

It’s hard for lightworkers to forgive ourselves.

We’ve had a history of people rejecting, bullying, and mistreating us. We’ve fought for thousands of years to find acceptance, get out of the spiritual closet, and live our truth freely. Therefore, when we go ahead and mistreat ourselves, we feel extra guilty for it.

I remember when I was first starting on my spiritual path. I’d come out of a two-year self-torturing bootcamp of trying to change my sexuality, and I’d just begun my path to learning to love and accept myself.

“Look into the mirror and say ‘George, I love you!'” Louise Hay instructed me to do in You Can Heal Your Life.

I looked into the mirror, I opened my mouth to say it, but the words couldn’t come out. My body was rejecting the idea of self-love.

How could I forgive myself for all the pain I’d inflicted myself? How could I forgive the fact that I tried to monitor and change the aspects of me that made me who I was; my gifts, my sensitivities, my talents. How could I forgive myself for trying to take my own life?

It wasn’t hard, but I knew I had to learn how to do it. I knew it was possible because I’ve seen other people do it. I was committed to taking my pain and turning it into a blessing. And, I did. 🙂

I’ve condensed my self-forgiveness process in three easy steps that you can follow right now, to kickstart your journey to forgiving yourself.

Watch the video to learn how to forgive yourself fully.

After you watch the video, leave me a comment below letting me know: Which of these 3 steps do you think will be harder for you to follow, and why?

I look forward to hearing from you. x

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