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Daily Spiritual Practice: 3 Essential Components



Having a daily spiritual practice is the number one choice you need to commit to in order to become your own spiritual teacher.

Your daily spiritual practice is the time of day when you consciously surrender your ego and daily concerns, and open yourself up to a power higher than yourself, to flow through and guide the way. It is your commitment to being a presence of love in the world. Day after day, you re-commit yourself to being open, to being vulnerable, to being willing to receive the guidance you need to know, to follow the specific life purpose you came in this world to fulfil. (if your don’t know your life purpose, make sure to download my free 3-step guide to finding it.)

Many spiritual teachers take a casual approach when teaching about the spiritual practice. I’m quite different. I take mine, and your commitment to serving the presence of love in this world, very seriously. And because of this I take a more disciplined, and structured approach to having a spiritual practice. Not in the sense that I’m trying to control the way you should do it, but instead by giving your a framework that you can use to plan for it.

Watch the following three-minute video to learn the three essential components that your spiritual practice needs to have in order to help you become your own spiritual teacher and fulfil your life purpose:


When you’re done watching, leave me a comment below the video and let me know: Which of the three components was missing from YOUR spiritual practice? Was it one, two, or all three of them?


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