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Who Are Ascended Masters of Light?
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The term Ascended Master was first used in 1924 referring to the teachings of spiritual masters in the Far East and was later popularized to encompass a wider variety of spiritual masters who once lived on our planet.

According to the ancient Greeks’ concept of spiritual ascension, our soul incarnates over many lifetimes with the aim of learning lessons and evolving spiritually. The Greeks talked about different stages of ascension, sharing how humans eventually evolve to be Heros, Daemons, and then Gods (meaning Ascended Masters).

The way we talk about the term Ascended Master today is very similar, in the sense that many Ascended Masters were once humans who evolved after many lifetimes until they ascended to the spiritual plane of existence.

In the fifth of nine videos of my Spirit Guides YouTube series, I introduce the Ascended Masters, their purpose in working with us, and how to connect with them.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • Who are the Ascended Masters?
  • Names of popular masters
  • My go-to process to connect with them
  • What the Ascended Masters’ purpose in working with us is

Click here to learn how to connect with the Ascended Masters.

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