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Do Soulmates Exist? | Past Life Soulmates
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At all times, you have past life soulmate spirit guides with you, guiding your path and helping you follow and fulfil your life purpose.

In my Psychic Clearing sessions, I often see past life friends and soulmates at the periphery of people’s auras. Most of them are there to impart a message or help my clients cut cords to genealogical conditioning and past life traumas.

Connecting with your past life soulmates is one of the fastest ways to create positive change in your life because they know you on a soul level.

The term soulmate is loaded with different meanings, so this is how I use it:

When I talk about soulmates, I refer to the members of your soul group or soul family. These are people you’ve chosen to incarnate together over several lifetimes, for the purpose of learning and growing together.

Watch my latest video to learn more about your soul family and how to connect with your past life soulmates. 

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides. Download it at

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