Connect with Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings
Connect with Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings
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Picture this: you’re sitting on a luscious sandy beach facing a deep blue ocean at sunset. There’s a soft breeze caressing your face, and as you breathe in you feel the sultry air cleansing your lungs and expanding your presence.

How do you feel while picturing that? What thoughts and emotions came up? What do you feel inspired or moved to do?

Here’s some news for you: whatever you thought, felt, and was inspired to do isn’t entirely yours. It’s a co-creation between you and the nature elements you visualized. Specifically, it’s a message from the elementals and nature spirits.

One of my favourite spiritual topics to teach about is connecting with the nature beings, the spirits and consciousness of the Earth. In the same way that we have soul and consciousness, so do all aspects of nature.

Here’s the thing about the elementals. They’ve been here since the beginning of time, and they’ve been responsible for keeping the Earth alive and well. They’re master energy protectors and manifestors, and are willing to partner with us in creating heaven on Earth.

In the third of nine videos of my Spirit Guides video series, I explain the different types of elementals and what they can support you with.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • The elementals’ purpose in working with humans
  • Ways of connecting with the elementals
  • The elementals’ spheres of influence
  • The different nature spirits within each element

Click here to learn how different elementals can help you live a more fulfilling life.

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides. Download it at   

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