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Connect with Pagan Gods and Goddesses
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When I tell people (mostly muggles) I’m a Greek pagan priest honouring the many gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, they either think I’m joking or I’ve lost my mind.

The reason paganism has got a bad rep through the years is largely due to Christian propaganda, that vilified the gods of our ancestors so that it could dominate. Although it succeeded, there’s an increasing amount of people turning to the Earth’s wisdom, once again.

There are many misconceptions about pagan gods and goddesses that I wish to clarify:

  1. Gods and goddesses are the embodiment of various functions of the Universe. For example, Aphrodite is the embodiment of love, sex, and the mingling of energies that creates life.
  2. Gods and goddesses are not ‘demons’, or evil, in any way. The word demon is a cultural appropriation of the ancient Greek ‘daimon’, who were helpful messengers of light, very similar to angels.
  3. There’s a difference between mythology and theology. Mythology draws from theology but not the other way around. In this sense, the violent actions of the Greek gods and goddesses in myths have nothing to do with the nature of the gods. These are just stories with allegorical messages that help us understand the nature of each god.

I explain the meaning of pagan gods and goddesses in more depth, in my new YouTube video.

Click here to learn how to connect with pagan gods and goddesses. 

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of pagan deities
  • What various gods and goddesses symbolize
  • How to connect with earth-based deities
  • Misconceptions about gods and goddesses

Watch the video to deepen your connection with earth-based deities. 

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides. Download it at

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