What is the meaning of lightworker? Are you a lightworker? How can you know for sure? In this video, I explain everything you need to know about being a lightworker. You'll learn the lightworker traits, get a clue on the lightworker types, and learn how to experience lightworker healing. My book Lightworkers Gotta Work is the ultimate guide to finding your soul purpose and defining your life purpose statement. If you're wondering what your life purpose meaning is and you'd like some life purpose coaching, this is the perfect book for you. By awakening your empath lightworker skills and lightworker gifts, you'll be on your way to creating big, positive change in the world.
What is a Lightworker? | Lightworker Meaning
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You have a purpose that can help change the world, and I'm here to help you find and follow it. 

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Meditation was the most powerful tool I’ve used to heal fears, overcome limiting beliefs, align to my authenticity, and follow my purpose.

Meditation involves quieting your mind from thought to neutralise negative emotions and allow yourself to return to your original state of love and happiness. 

That being said, like all processes, when used excessively meditation can prevent us from following our life purpose.

In my upcoming book Lightworkers Gotta Work, I teach that meditation is one of the most powerful processes we can use to nurture our light – thus, our connection to our inner being.

When we nurture our light and connect with our inner being, we naturally receive the steps and guidance we need to follow to move forward with our life purpose.

In that moment, we’re faced with two choices: 

  1. Act on that guidance
  2. Ignore the guidance and meditate some more 

If you’re like most lightworkers, you often end up going for the second choice.

I know, it’s easy to tell ourselves that raising our vibes, sending healing light, and visualising the world healing, is enough to create lasting change in the world.

The truth is, unless meditation is backed up by action it’s futile in helping us following our purpose and creating change in the world.  

Simply, the physical world we live in can only change with equally physical action steps.

This is at the heart of what being a lightworker is, and I explain this in more detail in my new YouTube video. 

In this video, you will learn:

  • What is a lightworker?
  • How can you know you are a lightworker?
  • What does working our light really mean?
  • How to tune into your light and take action towards your purpose

Watch the video to learn what being a lightworker really means.

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Watch the entire Lightworker series:

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