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Green is one of the most common colors I observe when scanning people’s auras. This frequency is often due to my interactions with numerous healers; a green aura is closely tied to healing.

A few weeks ago, I encountered a client whose aura was predominantly green. However, it was a very pale shade. As I’ll discuss in this week’s YouTube video, such a hue usually suggests that the individual is in the initial phases of their healing journey.

During our session, we concentrated on harnessing the Emerald Green Ray to enhance the vibrancy of his aura. This effort not only deepened the shade of green but also propelled him further on his spiritual path, accelerating his progress.

Have you observed any shades of green in your aura? Perhaps you’ve captured it in an aura photograph, sensed it when scanning your own energy field, or had a psychic mention it to you?

Regardless of the means, seeing green in your aura is a sign that you possess healing capabilities. Nevertheless, the various shades of green can denote different attributes, skills, and abilities. Recognizing these distinctions is crucial for advancing on your healing journey.

In the third installment of my Aura Healing video series, I delve into the significance of spotting green in your aura and the interpretations of its different shades.

Click here to uncover the meanings of the diverse green hues in your aura. 

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The nature of your aura and its workings
  • Techniques to see your aura
  • The meanings behind 7 distinct shades of green
  • Methods to cleanse and fortify your aura

Click here to watch and gain insights into your green aura. 

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