Psychometry: How to Read the Energy of Objects
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Do you know what psychometry is? 

It’s the psychic ability of reading objects and spaces, and it’s one of the first psychic abilities I’ve ever practised.

I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay between the physical and spiritual worlds, and I’ve been proactive about studying it.

As part of my bachelor’s degree in Human Geography thesis, I researched the degree to which physical objects and space can absorb energy, memories, and experiences.

In fact, I actually used psychometry to study a derelict war zone in my home city of Nicosia, Cyprus. As soon as I’d stepped into a neighbourhood that’s been left intact since the 1974 war, I got dreadful flashbacks of screams and gunshots…

It’s fair to say I’m fascinated by psychometry, and have since taught it in my online workshops and courses.

I’ve released a new YouTube video sharing a three-step process I use to practise psychometry, so you can start developing this ability, too. 

You can use psychometry to:

  • Give psychic readings to other
  • Scan and release negative energy from psychically-charged objects
  • Read past events and memories in a physical space

Watch the video to learn how to develop your psychometry ability. 

Once you’re done watching, come in Your Spiritual Toolkit Facebook Group and join the conversation about psychometry.

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