Develop your clairvoyance
How to Develop Clairvoyance
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There are four main ways through which you can receive intuitive guidance. These are:

  1. Clairvoyance, meaning clear seeing
  2. Clairsentience, meaning cleanse feeling
  3. Claircognizance, meaning clear knowing
  4. Clairaudience, meaning clear hearing

    Although we all receive intuitive guidance through all four intuition languages, there usually is one or two that’s more dominant. Do you know which one is
    your most dominant clair?

In the next four videos of my free Intuitive Development YouTube series, I’ll be sharing with your easy practices to help you develop all four clairs.

This week, we’ll be talking about the most popular of all clairs – clairvoyance.

When your clairvoyance is turned on, you’ll be able to receive intuitive guidance through visions and images. These could be actual images in the 3D world, or inner visions that you see with your mind’s eye.

Since clairvoyance is one of my dominant intuition languages, I’m sharing with you the top three practices that I’ve used to strengthen it through the years.

Watch the video to learn my top 3 practices to strengthening your clairvoyance.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn…

  • The chakra that controls your clairvoyance
  • How to use crystals to strengthen your inner vision
  • An underrated tool for intuitive development
  • 3 practical steps to amplify your clairvoyance

Come over here to watch the video and learn how to turn on your inner vision.

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to keep developing your intuition at

Watch the entire Intuitive Development series here:

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