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How to Develop Clairaudience
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Clairaudience is the rarest of all intuition types. It’s the psychic ability of hearing intuitive messages, either with your physical or inner ear.

I think the reason not many people are clairaudient is because they don’t want to be. I mean, I don’t know about you but if I were to actually hear my spirit guides talking to me when I was first starting out on my path, I’d totally freak out. 😱

Our spirit guides always try to find the easiest way to communicate with us, and thus they’ll never do anything that’ll scare or make us feel uncomfortable in any way. Instead, communicating with our guides should always feel safe, loving, and supportive.

That being said, although you may have unconsciously blocked your clairaudience in the past you can consciously develop it in your present.

In my seventh of seven videos of my Intuitive Development series, I share three practical processes you can use to develop your clairaudience.

Specifically, in this video you’ll learn:

  • What chakra is related to your clairaudience
  • The crystals you can use to awaken this ability
  • A practical game you can play to develop it
  • A musical instrument that’ll help you boost your clairaudience

Click here to watch the video and learn how to develop clairaudience.

I’ve also created a FREE guide that you can use to keep developing your intuition at

Watch the entire Intuitive Development series here:


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